Fast track to Bellucci with Chef Ashley’s modern Italian

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Start the New Year by turning your dreams of Italy into reality with Bellucci’s extra virgin olive oils and Chef Ashley’s latest recipes. Her newly released videos bring modern Italian cooking to home kitchens and offer a private Fast Track to Italy tour through three major olive-growing regions — Puglia, Sicily and Tuscany — each one famed for the distinctiveness of its EVOO.

Chef Ashley’s inspiring culinary videos can be viewed at, where the newly opened online store features EVOO that can be traced to its source in rural Italy using the Bellucci app.

Fast track to Bellucci with Chef Ashley's modern Italian

Fast track to Bellucci with Chef Ashley’s modern Italian

Fast track to Bellucci with Chef Ashley’s modern Italian

Like Chef Ashley, the free Bellucci app gives users an opportunity to become olive oil experts by teaching how to identify flavor nuances based on harvests, regions and cultivars. It also offers instruction on how to taste for freshness. Bitter and peppery flavors are at their greatest range and dimension. Health-giving antioxidants, polyphenols and oleic acids are at their peak.

The Fast Track to Italy three-pack features extra virgin oils from the major olive-growing regions of Italy. A $39.99 value, Fast Track to Italy is currently available for $19.99 online. The 50% discount is applicable only at using the CHEFASHLEY promo code.

All items at can be shipped anywhere in the US, for an exciting tour of Italy in the form of nourishing, heart-healthy EVOO and an educational tasting experience that is fun for the whole family.

About The Bellucci Story

Raffaello Lippi is an ardent, dedicated grower who committed himself to helping family olive growers in rural Tuscany survive in face of a struggling post-World War II economy. His clarion call:
Together, we grow strong.

By joining in cooperatives, small-scale farmers in his region began to regain their livelihood. Today, their collective effort is shepherding the spirit of the Tuscan countryside and the traditional character of its EVOO into the future intact.

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