Eylure Naturalites for Spring 2013 drama

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Eylure Naturalites for Spring 2013 drama. Eylure knows more about lashes than anyone, they have taken women through the changing decades and are still here with us. They create and collaborate with celebrities to bring all lash lovers up to the minute trends for any season and Spring 2013 is no exception. Eylure celebrity makeup artist Elle Leary, gave her personal recommendations.

“The trends we are seeing for Spring are long, separated lashes. The lashes still remain natural, but have that dramatic edge to them. For example our Eylure Naturalites #116 or #080.  Some of my favorite drama lashes are our double lash #205 & #202. These can be worn alone with just a flick liner or with the legendary smokey eye!! These styles are called double lashes because they are two sets of lashes in one band.”


Elle went on to desribe the Double Lash, ” Eylure is the innovator of the Double Lash, which is a style that every makeup artist uses. They are still very flexible and wearable. Are they heavy, you ask? Actually they are very light because of the delicate band and the 100% natural hair. A couple other lashes in this same style are the Naturalites Intense #148 & #147. These are a little less dramatic, but really give you the punch you need for a night out. These lashes will make your eyes look wider and more youthful.”

her tips for women wearing lashes are, “Women can be a little intimated by dramatic false lashes, so you have to wear them with confidence! It’s like slipping into that perfect little black dress and strutting out because you feel great. Dramatic lashes do that same thing.”

So If you’ve never worn lashes before, Elle recommends that you start with lashes that she likes to call “Drama Queen in the Making”, Eylure Evening #107 or #101 these will introduce you to a little pop, without being too over powering. “My last tip is to make sure you cut each lash to your proper eye length. This way the lash will fit perfect on your lid and enhance your look, and not stand out in a strange way”.

Do’s and Don’ts, “My DO’s for false lashes are: wear lashes for the right time of day or occasion. So if you are going to work or a day event, try using something like Eylure’s Natural Volume line. This way people will wonder why you look so refreshed and awake instead of knowing your little secret. Also make sure you always cut your lashes you the right length of your eyelid.”

“My DON’Ts for false lashes are: don’t apply your lashes on your actual upper lid of your eye. Try to apply them right along your natural lashline for a more seamless finish”

Application tips:

1) Lift the lashes from the tray with Tweezers, applicator or your fingers (if they are glued across the lash, then ease them away from the half-moon using your thumbs in a downward motion, please do not pick off from the ends).

2) Measure against your eye and if they are too long then, using sharp nail scissors, snip off a small section at a time until they are perfect.

3) Apply a thin line of the Eylure Lashfix glue to the lash band. Definitely wait about 20-30 seconds until it becomes tacky before applying (this is where most applications can go awry).

4) Apply with tweezers, applicator or your fingers (which ever feels natural to you) we believe a tweezers/applicator will give you a more precise placement. Place from the middle of the eye first then adjust the edges so they follow your natural lash line. Press and hold for a few seconds. If you make a mistake, simply remove from the eye, take off the dried glue, reapply and go again.

Eylure Naturalites for Spring 2013 drama

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