Eyes Can Get Sunburnt Too

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A SENIOR optician warned of the dangers of wearing cheap fake designer sunglasses as a lack of proper protection from harmful UV rays could cause serious eye problems and possibly even blindness. We’re all very aware of the life-threatening effects of skin cancer that sun damage can cause and the advanced ageing process it has on the skin. But often the need to protect our eyes is overlooked and sunglasses are simply seen as a fashion accessory and not beneficial to our health.

 Eyes Can Get Sunburnt Too

Eyes Can Get Sunburnt Too

Extended exposure to the sun’s UV rays has been linked to various kinds of eye problems which could result in temporary or permanent blindness. National Sunglasses day on June 27th helps raise awareness of the dangers the sun can have on your eyesight.

Senior optician Chris Worsman urged people to shun fake sunglasses and ensure they wear quality CE health and safety marked sunglasses to avoid devastating effects on the eyes. Steer clear of cheap fake designer shades

Chris, senior Optometrist at Viewpoint Opticians in York, North Yorkshire, said: “There are a lot of designer copy sunglasses available, but what people don’t realise is they may look like the real deal, but they aren’t getting the quality and protection for their eyes. They are simply cheap fashion accessories and offer very little protection against harmful UV rays.

 Eyes Can Get Sunburnt Too

Eyes Can Get Sunburnt Too

“Many people forget to consider their eyesight when thinking about being safe in the sun and protecting their eyes is often a last minute thought. If you don’t take necessary precautions you are putting your vision at serious risk of damage from harmful UV rays.

“UV radiation can’t be seen or felt but once you have a condition caused by UV rays it cannot be reversed or healed. UV rays can have devastating effects on the eyes, which are especially susceptible to the sun. When someone goes years without proper protection they are at risk of a range of diseases.”

 Eyes Can Get Sunburnt Too

Eyes Can Get Sunburnt Too

Even on cloudy days people are lulled into a false sense of security but UV exposure can be quite high on overcast days because UV is invisible radiation, not visible light, and can penetrate clouds.

Without proper UV protection from quality sunglasses you could be at risk of;

  • Cataracts, which is the clouding of the eye and causes dimming and blurring of the vision.
  • Age-related Macular Degeneration, which can result in loss of vision in the central field and can be enhanced when eyes are not protected properly.
  • Skin cancer can occur on the eyelids and skin around the eye, areas which don’t usually get covered with sun cream.
  • Pingueculae and Pterygia, which are types of growths on the eye’s surface that can become unsightly and cause distorted vision.
  • Photokeratitis, commonly known as “snow blindness” among skiers, and can cause temporary loss of vision.

Protecting your eyes from the sun isn’t as simple as putting on a pair of sunglasses. Finding the right pair is crucial to your eyes health, as not all shades offer the right level of protection and different types have different benefits. When shade shopping, look out for sunglasses that bear the CE mark, which shows they meet the European Safety Standards – if there is no CE mark then the sunspecs may not conform to the UV block of 400nm to block all UVA, UVB and C. If you want sunglasses for generic use, go for a polarised pair, as they reduce glare from sand, sun and water.

Chris added: “Choosing the right sunglasses is crucial to your eyes health, but here at Viewpoint we have a range of great designers that create protective yet stylish sunspecs. Maui Jim shades feature polarised lenses and also have hi-friction rubber pads to prevent the frame slipping. Some even have a bi-gradient mirror front coating at the top and bottom of each lens to reflect light from above and below, effectively squinting for you. Tom Ford, Fred and Tag Heuger also make great shades for all-round performance and for those looking for a touch of luxury; the Cartier range features precision photochromic lenses.”

Viewpoint houses a wide selection of sunglasses and the staff can advise the best fit, shape and level of protection to keep you safe this summer. Whatever style of sunglasses you choose, ensure they bear the CE mark. Taking care in the sun is crucial to your health but getting regular eye examinations is the best way to keep eye diseases at bay.

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