Exuviance layers to make the most of your beauty products

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Layering can be applied to more than just fashion; it also works wonders for your skincare regimen. Ask any pro – combining complementary products is an ideal way to give your skin a boost while getting the most out of your regimen. The key is to understand what ingredients work together and in which order they should be applied.

Exuviance layers to make the most of your beauty products

 The secret to layering success? Start with the least dense product and increase viscosity as you go:

  1. Cleaser/toner
  2. High performance treatments like masks, peels, exfoliators
  3. Topical medications (e.g., Retin-A®, antibiotics)
  4. Serums
  5. Moisturizer/SPF
  6. Makeup

Exuviance layers to make the most of your beauty products

In-the-know spas and aestheticians often use this approach, but you can easily DIY at home. Try combining these dream teams to boost your beauty regimen.

Exuviance Triple Microdermabrasion Face Polish + Exuviance Performance Peel AP25

Get more from your peel by exfoliating skin with Exuviance Triple Microdermabrasion Face Polish then following up with Exuviance Performance Peel AP25 for a more potent peel.

Super Retinol Concentrate + Evening Restorative Complex

Make the most of your beauty rest by layering a Retinol treatment under a night cream to provide lifting and firming results while addressing overall skin texture and tone.

Intensive Eye Treatment Pads + DePuffing Eye Serum + Age Reverse Eye Contour

Replicate a spa experience at home with an antiaging eye mask and DePuffing Serum roller to stimulate mechanical drainage. Next, layer in a product like Age Reverse Eye Contour to address specific concerns such as crow’s feet, droopiness and sagging.

Daily Antioxidant Peel CA10 + Antioxidant Perfect 10 Serum

Combine this antioxidant duo to deliver protection for everyday defense while targeting existing fine lines and wrinkles. The products work together to neutralize damaging free radicals brought on by environmental exposure to help prevent signs of aging. Products are available at Exuviance.com, ULTA, and select prestige beauty retailers nationwide.

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