Experience Toro Steak House and Gastro Bar at ELEMENTS

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Now open to be experienced, the Toro Steak House and Gastro Bar is Hong Kong’s latest dining addition, inviting guests to celebrate Pan Latin cuisine in a delightful setting. Located atop ELEMENTS on the Garden Rooftop, Civic Square, Toro extends over two levels at one of Hong Kong’s most well appointed retail developments along the Kowloon waterfront. Celebrity Chef Richard Sandoval is the mastermind behind Toro; envisaged as a fusion of steakhouse and casual gastro bar, this Dining Concept[s] experience is much desired among Hongkonger’s and anyone that has travelled across Central and Latin America.

Experience Toro Steak House and Gastro Bar at ELEMENTS

In fact, few cuisines are as diverse and influenced by multi-cultural traditions and geographical span as those that have been shaped in places like Mexico, Peru, Chile and Argentina, to name but a few. Mexico and Peru, for example, are both nations that have two of the most ancient and sophisticated civilizations on the American continent. Their multi-ethnic population is made up of indigenous background, various European migrants, Africans and Asian communities. The Spanish who arrived after the Spanish conquest in the 16th century, and those who followed from England, Germany, France, Italy, Japan and other regions in South America. Such cultural diversity across the region brought with it an abundance of diverse cuisines that were modified by using local ingredients.

Spiced Beef Tartare

Toro Steak House and Gastro Bar

As a native of Mexico City, Chef Sandoval obtained his first culinary inspirations from his grandmother in her kitchen. He recalls: “…gathering around her large table with family to enjoy lively Mexican feasts prepared from scratch…” This he says, taught him to respect fresh, authentic ingredients and to create the vibrant flavours that turned family dinners into celebrated events. Such is the ambience that Toro patrons will come to enjoy. Rustic food with rich flavours and purposeful ingredients mixed with Latin-Asian hospitality and cherished among dinner friends.

Grilled Avocado

Intrigued to experience both the casual (Gastro Bar) and the elegant Steak House located on the upper level, the choice is made a little easier as the menu remains consistent at either chosen location. Warmly welcomed and comfortably settling into the upstairs décor and surroundings, the diversity of Pan Latin inspired dishes and the choice between meats and fish are giving Toro (Spanish for bull, or Japanese for Tuna) its purposed meaning. A variety of hot and cold dishes are designed for sharing, along with a wide selection of meats from the grill.

Mexican Beach Campfire Whole Barramundi

Toro Steak House and Gastro Bar

Tequila-infused Margarita in hand, Latin America’s culinary diversity is best experienced with sampling a number its classic dishes. The Tuna Nikkei or Shrimp Ceviche is among those not to be missed, as ceviche requires great skill and understanding of spices and acidity. Prepared only minutes before serving, fresh chunks of firm Tuna or shrimps are mixed with red onions, cholco, cancha and fresh limejuice. It is the acid in the lime that actually cooks the fish, resulting in an explosion of taste and texture. Similarly, the Spiced Beef Tartare, composed of the finest Angus tenderloin giving it delightful texture, flavour and spicy overtones – a great appetizer to experience Latin culinary fusions.

32oz Bone-in Ribeye

Whatever the choice from the grill may be, Toro, now in Hong Kong, promises to be more than a meal. “It’s an event. It’s a celebration that’s shared, savoured and enjoyed with the finest spirits”. Bon appétit!

TORO Steak House & Gastro Bar, Shop R008, Rooftop Garden, Civic Square, 3/F, Elements, 1 Austin Road West, Kowloon. Tel: 2696 9608

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