ESPA Super Active™ Skin Radiance Intensive Serum

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ESPA has launched a potent new Super Serum containing a powerful blend of brightening and revitalising SuperActives™ for a more even and naturally radiant complexion. After any annual holiday season the skin can always do with a boost and ESPA Super Active™ Skin Radiance Intensive Serum works hard to combat tired, dull skin.  Often it’s hard to see how the environment works against our skin, then combined with our own stress levels and how we adapt to change – at work or even in our personal space – the toll can be huge. ESPA treatment protocols given at their world renowned spas go a long way in keeping skin healthy, and the benefits can be maintained with the use of their skincare range at home.

ESPA Super Active™ Skin Radiance Intensive Serum

ESPA Super Active™ Skin Radiance Intensive Serum

For ESPA clients the Skin Radiance Facial is one way to rejuvenate skin affected by the rigors of travel and stress. This revitalizing facial helps refresh tired complexions, giving a truly noticeable brighter and naturally radiant appearance. Skin Radiance Intensive Serum helps maintain this radiant glow at home – working on many different levels and for all skin types.

ESPA Super Active™ Skin Radiance Intensive Serum

Ideal for mature skin with a dull complexion and signs of hyperpigmentation, this serum contains a synergistic complex of mulberry, bearberry and liquorice, which invigorates and renews a tired complexion to leave it visibly brighter and more radiant. The texture is so fine that it really must be experienced – just a few drops are so powerful, absorbing easily into the skin to work on hyperpigmentation, which is an ongoing issue for me. Most ESPA therapists I have visited wear little or no makeup – their skin truly speaks for the exceptional results the treatments and products offer – nothing hidden here.

ESPA Super Active™ Skin Radiance Intensive Serum

ESPA Super Active™ Skin Radiance Intensive Serum

At the other end of spectrum, ESPA Super Active™ Skin Radiance Intensive Serum is perfect for a young skin – even one that has just gone through a pregnancy – to bring back a natural radiance and glow. Use this serum for a few months after pregnancy as your body has been depleted of so much, that this powerful intensive serum can restore your natural skin’s health.

For young mums, ESPA Super Active™ Skin Radiance Intensive Serum is a multifunctional enzyme-activated Vitamin C that prevents premature degradation and preserves maximum efficacy. On contact with the skin, the active benefits of this potent antioxidant penetrate the epidermis to minimize the appearance of hyperpigmentation, boost collagen and even skin tone. Revitalizing Meadowsweet gently stimulates cell renewal for fresher, softer skin. ESPA’s bespoke blend of 100% pure essential oils delicately fragrances skin in the heavenly aromas of neroli and bergamot breathes new life into the skin.

After the ESPA Skin Radiance facial, continue its effective work with ESPA Super Active™ Skin Radiance Intensive Serum, at home.

ESPA’s Skin Radiance Intensive Serum (25ml) £44 Can be found online or at any ESPA spa worldwide, here in Hong Kong find all ESPA treatments at the Ritz Carlton Hong Kong.

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