Envy Medical Introduces Transformative Skincare

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Envy Medical, are proud to introduce their newest range of skincare. Formulated to address age-related concerns including hyperpigmentation, dullness, sagging skin, and fine lines. With extensive renovations to their original formulations. As well as a complete packaging overhaul, Envy Medical’s Chief Marketing Officer, Sona Tolani, ensured that the brand’s new look and formulas are reflective of what the consumer wants both in terms of visible results and also to display on their vanity shelves.

“The brand’s original iteration was great. Howeve,  I wanted to take both its exterior and internal components to another, more elevated level,” says Sona Tolani. “We took a very careful and close look at our available technologies and patents. We amplified them in each product’s new formula. While overhauling the packaging to give it a sharp and fresh new look. The end result is a product line that outperforms market competitors and also looks great on retail shelves.”

Envy Medical Introduces Transformative Skincare

To Envy Medical’s CEO, Arash Khazei, making sure the brand remained a professionally acclaimed and recognized line was of utmost importance. “I’ve seen other brands change so drastically that they alienate their existing clientele,” he notes. “Our mission and ultimate goal was to remain true to where we began. Which was in the professional arena, but also appeal to a broader audience.  One that appreciates the very best in skincare and advanced technologies.”

The Envy Medical range is now segmented into four offerings geared toward aging skin. Daily Skin Health Maintenance, Skin Brightening, Intensive Skin Brightening, and Skin Brightening & Renewal. With products from each intended to work together for optimal results, based on individual skincare goals. Utilizing patented ingredient technologies and Envy Medical’s exclusive Lumixyl® Peptide.  Researched and developed by Stanford University, regular use of the products results in a brighter, more even complexion that resists the overproduction of melanin.

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