Emirates Airlines first impressions grooming

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It is a consistently proven fact that a person’s impression of anyone is made within seconds and that impression quickly becomes their belief. And rightly or wrongly, once made it is extremely difficult to change their new found belief of that person, you can imagine how important that is for the crew who are going to be with their passengers for a long haul flight. Emirates  places great importance on male grooming, for their cabin crew so that the first impression they make is perfect.

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Emirates Airlines first impressions grooming

Is there one Top Tip or ‘secret’ that you convey to every member of cabin crew in training?

There is no top secret as such, but it is recommended that cabin crew follow a skin care routine that helps them deal with the different hours that they work. Exfoliation and masks are highly recommended as it helps to enhance the appearance of the skin.

Are men advised to wear moisturiser or are there any particular grooming requisites for men – other than spotless hands and nails ?

Yes absolutely. Men have their own skin care and shaving routine. It is important that they also look after their skin especially because they have to shave before each flight. Shaving can irritate the skin and cause dryness therefore we give them certain tips regarding shaving i.e. a shaving oil can be used prior to shaving to help soften the hairs and moisturise the area, preventing skin irritation and dryness. They can use a shaving brush to apply the shaving gel/foam as it acts as a natural exfoliator and helps with ingrown hairs.

What are the three most important things that every member of crew should remember or consider when it comes to grooming and representing Emirates, whether in the air or on the ground?

They are the forefront of the airline and the uniform identity is the direct link to our prestigious brand.

They are the public face of Emirates and are recognised by our customers and also the customers of other airlines.

They only have one opportunity to make a good first impression.

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Emirates Airlines first impressions grooming

Post flight, are there any tips for cabin crew such as rest; a long bath; tepid shower; cleansing routine etc?

Rest is definitely recommended as it helps with cell renewal/rejuvenation which helps our skin to repair itself and look immaculate. They are recommended to stick to a skin care routine and always remove cleanse their skin after a flight. It depends on the need of the skin at the time, a face mask and eye mask can be applied. When in highly polluted areas we also recommend them to exfoliate and apply a Vitamin C mask to the skin. Anti-Oxidants are also recommended – these products contain Vitamin A, C and E.


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  1. Rahees vm says:

    Dear Sir/ mam

    Am 23 year old (male) I want to become and Cabin crew. My skin is oly.Some black is in my face i want to remove that am so worreid about that mam.

    Kindly advise me how to change.
    Awaiting your early response


    • Geraldine Lai says:

      Hi Rahees
      I would suggest that you go to see a dermatologist or walk into a good pharmacy, and see someone who can recommend a gentle product to keep your skin clean, you need to used a gentle cleanser in the morning and evening, it sound like you are not cleaning your skin well and that will build up dead cells that block the pores and look black, also ask them about a gentle exfoliation.
      regards and thanks for reading our articles

  2. Thabo Lawrence says:

    Im 25 years old and i wish to become cabin crow one day, my problem is after shaving i develop bump after and turn black im light in comlexion. can you please advise me what to do!

    • Hi the bumps are a result of the hair becoming ingrown. There are a few things you can do, get advice on whether you should be using electric or razor blade for shaving, You should go to a shaver shop for this. Then look at dermalogica for men, ask for a sample of pre shave lotion to make sure the hairs are fully lifted before you shave and a sample of after shave to make sure the pores are closed so that there is no infection. If the samples help then you are on the right track, explain your situation to the Dermatologica staff.

  3. sreeraj says:

    Hai mam,
    Am sree and am 22 year old.After 3 months i have one cabin crew interview.But my problem is i have 2 accident scar on my left cheek,But its not that much visible,But i need a solution for that.
    Please help me mam.

    • Hi
      For any safe scar removal you will need to visit a dermatologist or plastic surgeon who will have access to laser treatment, depending on how old the scar is and how deep. So before you waste money on creams that may no help you skin color or scar, see the doctor.

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