Earth Mama Launches Organic Throat Smoothie Tea

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Earth Mama Organics is proud to announce the newest addition to its suite of herbal teas: Organic Throat Smoothie Tea.

Specifically formulated with no licorice, to be safe for pregnancy and kids, this tea is USDA certified 100% Organic, and harnesses a mindful blend of organic herbs known to soothe and smooth raw throats.

Earth Mama meticulously chose each herb in the tea using evidence-based research, putting a modern lens on age-old herbal wisdom.

The result? An exclusive blend that includes the soothing strength of organic elderflower (long used for immune support), marshmallow root, and slippery elm bark—herbs that have played an important role in comforting irritated, annoyed mucous membranes due to coughs and colds.

Earth Mama Launches Organic Throat Smoothie Tea

Earth Mama Organic’s 100% Organic Throat Smoothie Tea

Thanks to lemon and orange peel, the taste is citrus-forward with a light floral finish; a delicate, welcoming flavor that won’t upset a pregnant woman’s tummy (or offend a five-year-old’s finicky palate).

“Since its beginning, Earth Mama’s expertise has been formulating safe, effective herbal products for pregnant and breastfeeding women, and their babies,” explains Melinda Olson, Founder/CEO, nurse and herbalist. “And the primary tenet in the company’s mission is to do no harm.

That’s why we formulated Organic Throat Smoothie Tea without licorice root—which is not recommended for use during pregnancy or for children.”

“Moms have known about the ‘tea with lemon and honey’ trick forever,” points out Olson. “Throat Smoothie Tea is formulated to be like that.

And since it’s formulated to be safe for pregnant women, it’s an all-caps YES for kids. We like to call it a licorice-free love note for your throat…and we know your throat will feel the love.”


USDA Certified 100% Organic

Formulated without licorice to be safe for pregnant women, so it’s safe for the whole family

Non-GMO Project Verified

Certified kosher by EarthKosher

Earth Mama Launches Organic Throat Smoothie Tea

MSRP: $6.29

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