DKNY – a Fashion Brand Personality

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DKNY – a Fashion Brand Personality. Brands are rapidly transitioning from the rigid campaign-based model of advertising (one-way communication via traditional channels), toward embracing (or at least learning to) – the power of Social Media. This ‘means of interaction’ has created new opportunities for brand-related, but consumer-driven online interactions to take place.  A fashion label of New York fashion designer Donna Karen, was founded in 1989 to expand the brands’ offerings around a younger and more affordable diffusion line. Donna Karen took inspiration from her daughter Gaby, keen to meet the needs of a new generation of women (and men), aspiring – as she calls it: “…fast fashion with an urban mind-set…” This concept proofed so popular, that other brands and labels came about.

DKNY – a Fashion Brand Personality

DKNY – a Fashion Brand Personality

Perhaps the most fundamental driver behind fashion labels learning anew how to communicate with their consumers – is the realization that the power of ‘voice’ has shifted from ‘brands’ to ‘consumers’, placing social media at the heart of the exchange. Recognizing this transition early is Donna Karen’s SVP of Global Communications, Aliza Licht. Instead of adding social media as yet another channel of communication to push ‘brand-controlled messages’, Licht may well have foreseen the motive and power behind social networking, opting to converse with aspirational consumers via its very own ‘brand personality’ – the DKNY PR Girl.

DKNY – a Fashion Brand Personality

DKNY PR Girl entered social life in April 2009. The idea quite ‘social’ – DKNY PR Girl set out to establish a rapport with customers and followers who are passionate about fashion, engaging with them in conversations relevant to the audience, acting ‘human’ and being highly responsive to tweets. Setting it apart from other brands, Donna Karen and its PR Girl occasionally offered rare treats and behind-the-scenes prevue into the fashion industry, giving customers and consumers a sense of conveying with a real ‘personality’.

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