Discover a World of Christmas Wonder at LANDMARK

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A spectacular Christmas circus has arrived at the LANDMARK with a wondrous array of colorful characters. Demonstrating their ‘inner strength’ with surreal performances presided over by the ever-loveable ‘Santa Paws’.

This year’s Christmas Circus display represents a delightfully surreal, fantasy story of astonishing performers, a little girl. Santa Paws is struggling to learn his juggling. Until a little girl who helps him believe in his skills. The animated display of animal friends and the little girl are celebrating the wonder of Christmas. Demonstrating that drawing on their own ‘inner strength’ opens up an exciting world of possibilities. The whimsical and fantastical performing activities represent finding your own ‘inner strength.” Being inspired by the support and belief of others.

Discover a World of Christmas Wonder at LANDMARK

Discover a World of Christmas Wonder at LANDMARK

The stunning installation, created by an international team of artistic collaborators including designers. Animatronic experts and set builders, in the atrium and across their iconic buildings. Based on delightful scenes of Santa Paws and his friends created by renowned French illustrator Eric Giriat.

The installation features over 100 figurines, powered by animatronics and mechanical ingenuity. They burst to life every 30 minutes, as the talented characters inspire visitors by performing the most amazing feats. Demonstrating the wonder that anything is possible by believing in your own inner strength. The giraffes show that by helping the monkeys, the greatest adventures can begin with a simple act of friendship. Our playful little bunnies know that to put on a great show, it’s all about teamwork. And flying with balloons, the brave hippo uses all his courage to spin spectacular somersaults to wow everyone who comes to see him.

In LANDMARK CHATER, you can discover an authentic popcorn cart, dating from 1893, built by the original US food truck pioneers C. Cretors and Company.

In keeping with the Christmas spirit of giving, LANDMARK is supporting the children of Make-A-Wish® Hong Kong in different ways. Visitors can write down their own special Christmas wishes and send wishes to 3 children in need by filling in a special  Circus ticket. By inserting the special tickets into the ‘Wishing Machine’, Santa Claus will help you discover your inner strength and make your Christmas wish come true. For every ‘Wishing Machine’ Circus ticket received, LANDMARK will make a HK$20 donation to Make-A-Wish® Hong Kong.

Visitors can also buy special Christmas souvenirs including tote bags. The Circus character plush-toys and boxes of unique circus chocolates. At the Circus store at  the Alexnndra, with all the proceeds donated to the charity.

Children can also discover their own talent for performing by trying their own circus skills. Juggling workshops at LANDMARK ATRIUM on December 17, 18, 23 and 24.

Discover a World of Christmas Wonder at LANDMARK

Christmas shopping experiences can be enjoyed by everyone visiting this festive season in any of the 208 fine stores and restaurants. Spend over HK$10,000 and more to receive exquisite gift certificates with values up to HK$26,000.

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