Devine G’Vine the luxury French Gin

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G’Vine conveys the  very  essence of French culture, renown for creating and enjoying the pleasures in life: art de vivre, luxury,  fashion, perfumes, wines &  gastronomy. This unique Gin  is born  in this blooming environment where free spirit and timeless  elegance  are  king,  where  innovation  can  rhyme  with  tradition.  Through  its  French origin – more  precisely from  the Cognac region birthplace of centuries-old distillation practices, its soft and silky  grape spirit base and unique use of the delicate and ephemeral vine flower as a botanical, G’Vine has proven its uniqueness and overthrown many of Gin’s traditional code.

Devine G’Vine the luxury French Gin

G’Vine also revisits  the  classical  Gin  &  Tonic.  Thanks  to  these  grape  elements, G’Vine Offers  an  elegant  and  refreshing  take  of  the  Gin  &  Tonic,  far  from  the  traditional long Drink  with  a  slice  of  lemon as  a  garnish. More  than  just  a  mix  of  simple  ingredients,  G’Vine  & Tonic is  a  true sensory  experience.

Andy Gaunt hosted Devine G’Vine the luxury French Gin in Kong Kong

Recently at the launch of G’Vine in Hong Kong, Andy Gaunt Director SOURCE CONSULTING SOLUTIONS Australia commented “…perhaps there is something about the rise of the Gin Tonic as the drink of 2014?”  Without a doubt, there is a global renaissance in this drink born out of the Spanish way of serving G&Ts, but it is a drink that fits perfectly well with the time,” G’Vine has two distinct expressions, Gaunt continued. “As well as it being a great showcase for a fragrant gin like G’Vine, it is a drinks that covers off many trends in one drink: real and natural flavors, personalization (match your gin, with your tonic and your garnish), lower alcohol (a well made G&T should have less alcohol content than a premium beer), drier / bitter styles of drink (versus sweet), aperitivo moment coming back.”

Of course, with G’Vine, being inspired by the know-how of wine and Cognac, G’Vine brings a great link between the worlds of wine and the worlds of spirits, making a G’Vine and Tonic a perfect aperitif before moving to a bottle of wine with dinner.

Devine G’Vine the luxury French Gin arrives in Hong Kong

The  trend  has  now  started  to  emerge  across  Europe  in  Belgium,  Germany,  but  also  further  beyond  in  Latin  America,  or  Asia  Pacific,  where  G’Vine  is  already  well  looked  after  by  local  bartenders.

Devine G’Vine the luxury French Gin

Initially  created  in  the  15th  century  for  its  digestive  and  medicinal  properties,  Jean Sébastien  Robicquet,  oenologist  and  pioneering  master  distiller,  founder  of  EWG  Spirits  &  Wine,  has  revisited  the  regular  recipe  vision  of  gin,  using  grape  spirit,  and  created  G’Vine   in  2006.

 “We  strive  to  create  exceptional  spirits  that  are  distinctive  in  character  and   based around the  vine   and  wines,  with  flavor  combinations  which  are  unique  to  us”,  said  Jean Sébastien Robicquet.  “Bringing  its  noble  and  elegant characteristics,  from  flower  to  full  ripeness;  the  grape  is  at  the  heart  of  all  of  our  creations.”

G’Vine   is  available  in  2  expressions:


G’Vine  Floraison

Captures the  essence  of  the  ephemeral,  exhilarating  fragrance  of  the  vineyard  when  the  vine  flower  blooms  to  life,  and the  warmth of   the  arrival  of  summer.  Its  surprising  and   refreshing  taste  is  adored  by  neophytes  and  Gin connoisseurs   alike,  and  makes  the  most  perfect  Gin  &  Tonic! 40% abv.


G’Vine  Nouaison

Captures   the   emotion  around  the birth  of  the  grape  berry  and  embodies  the  unique  and  concentration  of  energy,  intensity  and  spiciness  of  this  important  and  special  phase.  It  is  the  absolute  alternative  to  the  traditional  London  Dry  Gin  for  more  classic  cocktails.  43.9%  abv.


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