DessertsRx Healthier Organic, non-GMO Desserts

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DessertsRx  Healthier Organic, non-GMO Dessert.  A socially conscious family of unique establishment offering organic, non-GMO plant based desserts. All the items are gluten, dairy and refined sugar free.

Dorothy and Simon Warda, along with their teenage children Alex, 18, and Nina, 16, are certified Nutrition Health Coaches, Plant Based and Raw Food Chefs. Many years ago they began their quest for healthier foods with plenty of mouth-watering flavors, yet free of all the potentially harmful ingredients so prevalent in today’s food marketplace.

The result of countless hours of studying and innovation is a whole new approach to desserts and snacks that everyone can now enjoy.

DessertsRx Healthier Organic, non-GMO Desserts

DessertsRx Healthier Organic, non-GMO Desserts

The key is the ingredients themselves. Using organic superfoods full of minerals, vitamins and healthy fats, DessertsRx® offers the public an exciting and fresh perspective on healthier eating. People eat desserts that are potentially destructive to their bodies because there aren’t any real alternatives available.

DessertsRx is on a mission to change that, by providing items that are truly delectable and do NOT have negative impact on your health! To the contrary, eating these healthier desserts and snacks can be an ideal component of a lifestyle that keeps you feeling great and physically fit.

The DessertsRx menu is designed to meet just about everyone’s taste preferences. Specialties such as noCheeseCakes™ and Coconut Creams satisfy the sweet tooth without guilt. Many of the items are portable for “on the go” eating; they make great treats for everyone, anytime, anywhere. Colorful noCheeseCakes™  in various shapes and sizes: roses & hearts for Valentine’s Days, Happy Birthday noCheeseCakes™  are a perfect fit for celebrations and special events.

Even better, since there are never any artificial food dyes and no artificial flavors or any chemicals, people with food sensitivities and allergies can enjoy far more fun and healthy treats than they are likely to find anywhere else.

DessertsRx Healthier Organic, non-GMO Desserts

One of the primary reasons for the creation of DessertsRx is the Warda family’s dedication to their belief that organic food is the best choice for healthy lifestyles and a better world. For anyone looking for greener, kinder alternatives when it comes to delicious foods, DessertsRx  is leading the way.

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