Dermalogica beauty bars you don’t just buy skincare you experience skincare

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What’s wrong with my skin, it can look so flat sometimes and I don’t know why. I am  using good skincare, at the same time being aware of what is in each product, so why does it look so flat, and uninteresting.  You can change all of that, like I did with a trip to a Dermalogica Beauty Bar in David Jones to have a five minute info fix called Face Mapping. What can you learn from Face Mapping?  well like I did you can learn that the products you have, you may not be using correctly.

Dermalogica beauty bars you don’t just buy skincare you experience skincare

Dermalogica beauty bars you don’t just buy skincare you experience skincare

When I sat down at  the Dermalogica Beauty Bar to experience Face Mapping a technique that is unique to Dermalogica, you can have all of those how’s and why answered in literally five minutes.  Dermalogica recommends that you keep your face mapping profile up to date, as the skin (which if very true) is changing all the time.

Dermalogica beauty bars you don’t just buy skincare you experience skincare

I liked the Dermalogica Face Mapping, its quick it’s not just a light touch to the skin, it is an effective way whereby the face is divided into sections, and these sections reflect differences in texture, heat, tone and health of the skin. The Dermalogica therapist has a very sure sweeping action over each section as they read the results of what they are experiencing and visualizing through an LED headlamp. With each section you will get immediate feedback from the therapist on solutions.
After the face mapping we looked at product and I was able to practice using all the products that were recommended, from cleansing, toning, exfoliating, moisturizing, eye treatment and sun protection. The benefit of doing this is that the expert is in front of you, so if you are not applying the right pressure or too much pressure they can correct you, for me I had been using a product incorrectly.
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Dermalogica daily microfoliant was a product I thought was too easy  to use, and so I did not ask or read up how to use this properly. I was using it in the morning and then rinsing off in the shower, but I was not preparing the product correctly, by making a light paste in the palm of my hand first and then applying onto my skin. I was just placing the  powder in my damp palm and then massaging over the skin, not  getting the full benefits from this product.

The best place to talk and experience skincare Dermalogica Beauty Bar

At the Dermalogica Beauty Bar, where you can get into training mode I learnt how to correct this mistake, then applied the product correctly to my skin and immediately saw the difference, this is a big benefit to  meet your Dermalogica expert regularly so  that you can experience the product the right way. A Dermalogica Beauty Bar is more than just a skincare counter,  in David Jones Melbourne there is  also a dedicated Dermalogica  facial room that will open after the new year. Replenish your products, or just sit down to experience a particular product after your face mapping which is complementary.

Kelly Salter Dermalogica’s Public Relations andConsumer Marketing Co-ordinator  reiterated  while she was in Melbourne that with Dermalogica it is all about the customer experience, over the past few years we seem to have forgotten the joy that a great retail experience can offer, well its waiting for you at any Dermalogica Beauty Bar.

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