Crispy Green Go!

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Angela Liu, CEO/Founder of Crispy Green (makers of Crispy Fruit Freeze-dried fruit snacks) and avid outdoors enthusiast, is encouraging Crispy Green fans to “Get out and go!”

Whether it be jogging, hiking, biking, or strolling, spring is in the air, and it’s time to get in the “Go” mode! Angela’s passion has always been about choosing an active, healthy lifestyle, which is also one of the founding pillars of the Crispy Green brand—healthy portable fruit snacks for people on the go!

Even minimal physical activity on a regular basis can bring health benefits. A study from the University of Utah backs this up, “… fewer than 5 percent of American adults today achieve the recommended level of physical activity in a week according to the current physical activity guidelines.

Knowing that even short bouts of ‘brisk’ activity can add up to a positive effect is an encouraging message for promoting better health.”

A recent article in The Guardian, “Five Ways to Move More—Without Going to the Gym,” states that getting about 2 hours of moderate exercise per week can stave off a host of medical issues:

It means you can cut that exercise pie any way you like, even just a minute or two at a time. As little as five to 10 minutes of high-intensity incidental activity will make a significant dent.”

Crispy Green Go!

Crispy Green Go!

That’s why (just in time for warmer weather), Crispy Green is promoting to consumers a healthier lifestyle through more “Go” and less “No”!  For instance, when your little one wants one more piggy back ride, don’t say “No”… say “Go”! Or when your neighbor invites you to take a walk with her, don’t say “No”… say “Go”!  Or when your BFF wants you to sign up for a new yoga class, don’t say “No”… well, you get the picture!

And Crispy Fruit freeze-dried fruit snacks are the perfect grab-n-GO snack to take with you wherever you go. Whether traveling, enjoying outdoor activities or just getting through a busy day, Crispy Fruit is a convenient, satisfying way to grab nutrition on the go!

There are seven great flavors to choose from:  apple, banana, mango, pear, pineapple, tangerine and cantaloupe. With under 60 calories per bag, NO added sugar or additives, and the delicious flavor of pure fruit, Crispy Fruit freeze-dried fruit snacks are the PERFECT “Go” snack.

“We recently updated our packaging to reflect the true essence of our products with more vibrancy and energy and without compromising the taste and quality,” Liu said. “We hope our product fuels their fun as much as it fuels their healthy lifestyle!”

Crispy Green Go!

In an effort to create some excitement about this campaign, Crispy Green will be offering a special opportunity to share some “Go” inspiration by sharing a “Crispy Green Go” video with their friends. Upon sharing the video, a special e-newsletter signup invitation will be offered along with a $1.50 off store coupon.  More details will be shared soon on social media. #CrispyGreenGo!


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