Cricket® the professional stylist’s partner

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The Cricket® Company was founded in 1979 by Wayne Clark. Wayne was a hairstylist and was very frustrated by the quality and lack of imagination by sundry manufacturers when it came to brushes, combs, shears and apparel. The first Cricket® product was launched as an exclusive for West Coast Beauty in their selling area. The product was a brush called the “RP”. This was a wooden handled round brush with nylon bristles, as well as the first brush that was really marketed for salon retail. It was such a success in the West Coast Beauty Supply market that Wayne made the decision to take Cricket® nationally.

Cricket® the professional stylist’s partner

From there Cricket® continued to pioneer and market compelling tools to hairstylists. Cricket® was the first company to introduce “Static Free™” brushes, high end round brushes such as Technique (still the #1 round brush in the salon industry), Silkombs™, Boar Bristle, Nylon/Boar Mix, and countless other innovative products. Cricket® also developed a high quality line of apparel that featured “high fashion” and trendy patterns as well as everyday capes, cover-ups, and aprons in the haircutting, waterproof, and all purpose categories. Cricket’s® award winning marketing and design has brought home 7 ABBIES Awards over the past few years as well as the winner of the first ever “Golden ABBIE”. In 2003 Cricket® won the ABBIES for the “Best Overall Sales Promotion”. This award competed against every category in the professional industry… quite an accomplishment.

Cricket the professional stylist’s partner

Wayne then got into the shear business and Centrix® was created. Innovative design, ergonomic comfort, and performance all came together to create Centrix® shears. Centrix’s® marketing discouraged “price off” and Wayne found “premiums” and other professionally based gift with purchase that enticed stylists to buy Centrix® shears knowing they would be buying a quality product and receive a high value gift in appreciation for their business.

Cricket® the professional stylist’s partner

Jared Clark, Wayne’s son is the General Manager and leader of the company. He started in the industry in 1987 and has proven himself as a true visionary. The rest of the Cricket® team is made up of people with great industry experience combined with creativity, customer care, and a strong work ethic. For further information on all the Cricket® Company products visit their online website.

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