Conceal dark eye circles

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Conceal dark eye circles – There will always be a time in you makeup routine you will reach for the concealer,  and the following day you may well have to reach for the concealer again. Not everyone has dark circles, but we so self-critical of our selves that we often see them, even when they are not as dark to warrant the term ” dark under eye circles.” So here are some tips or suggestion we read that you might find interesting and worth a try.

Conceal dark eye circles

Conceal dark eye circles

Conceal dark eye circles

1) CHANGE YOUR DIET:  To avoid the puffy effect,  to cut down the consumption of very salty food and alcohol, that unfortunately cause puffiness and fluid retention.

2) DON’T RUB YOUR EYES:  The constant and a bit rough rubbing makes the pigmentation darker.

3) SLEEP WITH A SUPPORT: The best thing to do is to always sleep with one (or two) pillows under your head, in order to make the fluids’ drain easier.

4) PROTECTION PROTECTION PROTECTION: Every day, no matter what the weather is, we suggest to put a SPF 30 protection on the eye contour area. It’s a fact, sun makes the dark circles even darker.

5) USE YOUR RING FINGER:  The ring finger indeed is the weakest finger, so it doesn’t risk causing some micro traumas, use for applying a cream, and for applying the concealer.

6) USE TEA BAGS: When you finish your tea, put the bags n the refrigerator and chill them, you just need to place them on your eye lids for 10 minutes, in order to have a relaxing effect.

7)  A RETINOL CREAM: this ingredient is generally good for the skin, especially for the eye contour area, as it makes the complexion uniform, it reduce wrinkles and makes the complexion brighter, just take care apply lightly and use a light form of Retinol.

8) USE AEROSOL: eye bags and dark circles often occur together with sinusitis and colds. Therefore, in this case, rather than beauty, the remedy is keep healthy

9) REMOVE EYE MAKEUP: If you don’t properly remove all your makeup, it can cause an irritation, that will build up fluids around the irritated area.

10) “FREEZE” A SPOON: This is one of the oldest remedies ever, rinse two spoons, don’t dry them and put them in the freezer for one night. In the morning, place the curved (convex) side of the spoons on your  eyes and leave them there for about 5/10 minutes.

Conceal dark eye circles


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