Clear Skin Project eBook – lifetime of clear skin

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Clear Skin Project is a fresh, exciting eBook launch born from a partnership between Olivia Jenkins, Business Manager of Australian natural skincare company Kosmea and renowned naturopath Tracey Cook. It aims to help all those suffering from lifestyle based acne to achieve clear skin by following a simple, fun and motivating 8 week program.

Clear Skin Project eBook – lifetime of clear skin

As the daughter of Marie Jenkins, founder of Kosmea, Olivia was raised in an environment based on natural skincare and surrounded by clean, nutritious foods and homeopathic remedies. Suffering from acne her entire teen life, Olivia would rebel when her mother offered natural remedies for her skincare concerns.

 Clear Skin Project eBook - lifetime of clear skin

Clear Skin Project eBook – lifetime of clear skin

“Mum would recommend Olive Leaf Extract when I had a cold and I would ask for cold and flu tablets, Mum would feed me bananas when I had a headache, I would take pain killers.”

Clear Skin Project eBook – lifetime of clear skin

Until the age of 18, Olivia continued to rebel against a naturally healthy way of life and her skincare  problems remained. After years of struggling with constantly feeling self-conscious and covering her skin with layer upon layer of foundation before leaving the house, Olivia finally decided it was time to seek help when she found herself feigning a cold to avoid facing her sister’s birthday party.

Clear Skin Project eBook – lifetime of clear skin

Approaching naturopath Tracey Cook for advice was the turning point that saw Olivia’s complexion drastically improve and her life change dramatically for the better. Analysing Olivia’s skin and health via a number of processes including iridology, Tracey instantly linked Olivia’s skin problems to “leaky gut syndrome”, an intestinal issue that interrupts the effectiveness of your digestive system, allowing yeast, and other toxins to enter and flow freely into the bloodstream. As well as this, Tracey discovered that Olivia’s liver was overloaded, further affecting her body’s ability to break down toxins and causing them to appear as acne.

Clear Skin Project eBook – lifetime of clear skin

“In 8 weeks, after following Tracey’s advice and making life style changes, my acne cleared up. Completely, gone. I not only saw changes in my skin, but changes in my confidence and my life. In the last 2 years of being acne – free I have grown as an individual, and I have Tracey to thank for it.”

Clear Skin Project eBook – lifetime of clear skin

After 2 years acne-free, Olivia decided it was time to share her story and the naturopathy based advice she had learnt, and so Clear Skin Project began.  Compiling scientific facts, tried and tested advice presented in a fun, fresh and compelling way, the Clear Skin Project eBook is the link between thousands of individuals suffering from acne and the opportunity to achieve clear skin. It provides a simple –to-follow guide to gaining an acne-free complexion in only 8 weeks.

Clear Skin Project eBook – lifetime of clear skin

•An expert opinion on how and why acne occurs, written by Tracey Cook, ND.

•Expert advice and opinions on how to prevent acne

•Delicious, skin nourishing snack suggestions

•A step by step guide to using Kosmea skincare to enhance your skin’s natural glow

•Access to the Clear Skin Project forum and blog and an 8 week Clear Skin Planner

 Clear Skin Project eBook – lifetime of clear skin

About: Olivia Jenkins – Kosmea Business Manager

Olivia Jenkins is the Business Manager of Kosmea, Adelaide based natural skincare company and Australian pioneers of rose hip oil. Kosmea was founded by Marie’s mother, Marie Jenkins and is celebrating 20 years of natural skincare this year. Olivia was raised on a belief in natural skincare, and has played an active role within Kosmea from a young age. At the age of only 21, she has already become well versed in all aspects of the business, from sales, product development through to marketing.

Clear Skin Project eBook – lifetime of clear skin

About: Tracey Cook – ND

Tracey Cook has over seventeen years clinical experience in naturopathy and is registered with the National Herbalist Association of Australia and Australian Traditional Medicine Society. She specialises in herbal medicine and lectures for Mediherb Australia. Tracey has been involved in the Menopause Forum at the Flinders Medical Centre, Women’s Health Workshops for the Women’s Health Advisory Board. She has worked with the Cancer Care Center and the Women’s Health Center at Royal Adelaide Hospital where she lectures on Natural Therapie

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