Clarins body shape and stretch mark control

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Clarins Body Shaping Supplement

Clarins Body Shaping Supplement slows down the extension and storage of body fat, stimulates fat removal and optimises the elimination of excess substances. It contains baccharine, hortonia, uncaria tomentosa, caffeine, guarana, cangzhu, geranium and agrimony. The gel can be mixed with regular body care products but is not recommended for use with self-tanners and sunscreens. The supplement is colour and fragrance free and allergy tested.

Clarins body shape and stretch mark control

Mix six to eight drops in the palm of the hand with a Clarins body care product. Apply the mixture using light, upward massage movements from the ankle to the waist, and from the wrist to the shoulder.

RRP: $87 – Pack size: 2 x 25mL

Clarins body shape and stretch mark control

Clarins Stretch Mark Control

Clarins Stretch Mark Control helps prevent and reduce the appearance of new stretch marks. The formula reduces the look of stretch marks and minimizes their colour by replenishing the skin’s support fiber network. It is a rich, creamy texture, is easy to apply and soothes the skin. Centella asiatica protects and revitalises collagen fibres, while crowberry extract reinforces the skins resistance and siegesbeckia and olive provide comfort. Stretch Mark Control is colour and fragrance free.

RRP: $69  Pack size: 200mL

Clarins body shape and stretch mark control

Clarins is a pioneering company and regularly discovers natural active ingredients from plants across the world. Researchers looking for rare and beneficial plants, reveal the unique properties of each one to extract its most precious elements. Today, over 250 plants have been used in Clarins cosmetic formulas.

Clarins body shape and stretch mark control

Biomimicry: observe nature and be inspired “Biomimicry: bio (life) and mimicry (to copy).

The inspiration of life is to respectfully look at what is happening in nature and see what applications we can apply to cosmetics.” Christian Courtin-Clarins.

Clarins researchers have always based part of their work on this observation of nature to create products that have innovative performances. Several Clarins products are based on biomimicry.


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