Chuan Spa wellbeing for men at Langham Place Hong Kong

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A recent visit to Langham Place in Kowloon’s Mongkok district, lead to quite an unexpected new discovery. High above the hustle and bustle, the Chuan Spa experience came recommended for it embraces the philosophy of the five elements in traditional Chinese Medicine. Placed at the core of the Spa’s wellbeing treatments, this approach to spa and wellness is as unique as the location – some forty-one stories above Mongkok’s typically busy street corners and market fairs. The effect, so it seemed, is well intended, as guests are made to transition quite purposely into a calm and relaxing skyward atmosphere. Upon arrival, this experience is further heightened as staff greet guests, guiding them toward comfy chairs facing panorama windows, which offer commanding views far across Hong Kong’s extensive cityscape.

Chuan Spa wellbeing for men at Langham Place Hong Kong

Chuan Spa wellbeing for men at Langham Place Hong Kong

Relaxing moments later, a Chuan Spa personnel initiates the conversation, introducing the concept and deeper meaning of the Chuan Spa experience. “In Chinese ‘Chuan’ means flowing water and Chuan Spa is your spring from which to journey to wellness with treatments and surroundings that restore the mind, body and soul”, the host explains. Following this introduction, a brief consultation turns into a ritual centered on the selection of one’s most suiting element (wood, fire, earth, metal or water). Stimulating the senses (sight, taste and olfaction), signals the beginning of this wellbeing journey – specifically directed to address the imbalances of Jing, our life force; Qi, our vital energy and; Shen, our mind and spirit.

Soul-soothing treatment at Chuan Spa

The treatment prescribed on this occasion is called the Chuan Tao of Detox, a 2 ½ hours skin detox and rejuvenating habitual tailored for men. Following the therapist’s recommendation, the treatment should ideally be preceded with the Chuan Spa sauna, steam room and Japanese onsen cold-shower experience. This, through hot and cold, will stimulate the flow of energy – both known to evoke great influence on one’s wellbeing. Continuing on this transformational journey, a few short steps lead the way to the floor below where Chuan’s specialist therapist awaits. Once more made to rest and briefly nurtured with herbal teas, the Chuan Tao of Detox treatment is about to begin.

Chuan Spa a healing journey with TCM – Spirit Room

Chuan Spa wellbeing for men at Langham Place Hong Kong

Spacious rooms, filled with the sounds of water, soft musical harmonies, warm lighting and aromatic smells, set the stage. Firstly, commencing with a full body exfoliation designed to stimulate blood and lymph circulation; this is followed by a warm marine algae wrap infused with aromatherapy oils. Enveloped in cloth and blankets is purposely intended to intensifying the detox process. A thorough rinse away, the body is rejuvenated with a back, neck and shoulder massage using an acupressure technique to release energy blocks. Most stimulating still is the Thalgo Oceanic Enchantment facial, which, the therapist explains, is infused with oxygen boosters to deeply nourish and restore dehydrated skin. Two plus hours later, a sensation of clam, feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, are just some of the indications – being well and on the way to restore the mind, body and soul.

Chuan Spa wellbeing for men at Langham Place Hong Kong

Chuan Spa wellbeing for men at Langham Place Hong Kong

Indeed, an unexpected new discovery atop Langham Place – far away from the hustle and bustle, renders the Chuan Spa, its philosophy and upholding of traditions associated with Chinese Medicine, a most welcome experience.

Langham Place Hotel,  MongkokA 555 Shanghai Street, Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong. T +852 3552 3388.

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