Christophe Robin new address 16 Rue Bachaumont

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After spending 7 years in the stunning Le Meurice Hotel, Christophe Robin dreamt of moving to a lively, quintessential and historic district of Paris that truly exemplifies the capital he so adores.

A dual location:

His objectives were to reflect the Parisian spirit and style “à la française”, all the while creating an open and accessible space. This new setting fulfils his desire to bring together the two facets of his business into one beautiful space.

  • The boutique – a new exclusive place to explore his hair care line : Beauty consultants will help determine hair care needs and allow women to try the products if they wish, in a massive custom-made shell. Clients will be able to enjoy product test-drives, colorist advice on request and discovery size products to take home.
  • The salon – a place where he and his team practice the art of color to bring out the natural beauty in every woman : Laid out in a long row with a warm and intimate ambiance, indirect lighting, styling station niches, plaster cornices and operatic red velvet curtains all create an atmosphere of well being and comfort for his clients.
Christophe Robin new address 16 Rue Bachaumont

Christophe Robin new address 16 Rue Bachaumont

The new exclusive products, handcrafted by experts with artisanal know-how:

Taha’a candle

Christophe Robin wanted to share a special trip he took to French Polynesia and the vanilla isle known as Taha’a. Its rich, abundant and seemingly limitless vegetation inspired him. He asked Francis Kurkdjian to manifest his Polynesian memories in a perfume. He translated them into a heavenly fragrance of sunny ylang-ylang, tiare flowers and frangipani blossoms with notes of almond and vanilla.

Nutrient-rich herbal cocktails:

Robin developed a range of 5 organic herbal cocktails to infuse that will provide wellness while delighting your senses. They feature a unique blend of plants and spices, to be enjoyed any time of day, hot or cold to suit your taste and mood:

  • Detox with lemon barks
  • Boost with hibiscus
  • Antioxidant with rooibos
  • Calming with verbena and lemongrass
  • Digestive with cinnamon

Christophe Robin new address 16 Rue Bachaumont

The wood in all of these brushes is sanded and polished by hand to ensure top quality. These round brushes are ergonomically designed. Ready to use and do not have to be broken in. For optimal rigidity that suits all hair types, we use very select bristles exclusively. For an ideal grip from the first use, we pre-curve the bristles.

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