Christophe Robin colorist focuses on well being for his clients

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Christophe Robin talks about his key priorities in relation  to the well being of his clients:

“As a colorist, it quickly became obvious to me that one of my key priorities was to pay attention to the well being of my clients’ scalps. Often suffering from irritation or increased sensitivity due to contact with chemicals. Every day, I meet men and women suffering from itchy scalps and dandruff.  I would even say that the phenomenon seems to be growing.

Christophe Robin colorist focuses on well being for his clients

Christophe Robin colorist focuses on well being for his clients

Specialists cannot pinpoint an exact cause. Even if the most frequent are related to stress, food, pollution or the use of inappropriate products. These issues are hardly glamorous and can be sensitive to discuss. However, taking care of them is crucial. I often find that I have to adapt my own techniques by substituting certain chemical components with other more natural and more gentle products.

These concerns led me to create my cleansing purifying scrub with sea salt in 2013. Its immediate success around the world confirmed my opinion that scalp discomfort was a major preoccupation for many.

In just a few months, it became the bestselling product in my care range. Awarded several prestigious prizes in France and abroad. Including the Allure Best of Beauty prize. The scrub has been a great source of pride for me, as I saw its success grow, cross borders and today has been adopted by many loyal clients around the world.

The scrub itself is not a product intended for daily care. It is a treatment one should do once or twice a week to detox the scalp. Hence, it seemed obvious to me to create a shampoo for everyday use that would work in perfect harmony with the scrub, while also having a direct effect on eliminating dandruff.

At the heart of the formula is a new 100 % of natural origin active ingredient that is also extremely efficient. The extract of Jujube bark, a tree whose properties have been known for centuries.

Combined with a gentle formula creating a soft foam. This shampoo provides comfort, a truly enjoyable moment and an instant feeling of freshness, leaving the hair shiny and light from root to tip.

Christophe Robin colorist focuses on well being for his clients

Of course, it is perfectly adapted to color-treated hair as well. Through this new shampoo, I hope to bring everyday relief to the men and women suffering from discomfort. Such as oily roots, irritations, dandruff. This provides an immediate and long-lasting answer to their problem. While also making their hair feel healthier, more beautiful.” Christophe Robin

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