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FluorOxygen +C is a facial treatment formulated by Christina Zehavi that works on the deep epidermal level removing toxins and debris left by sun damage, hyper pigmentation and discoloration , so that your skin begins its journey back to a healthy state

FluorOxygen +C

Christina Zehavi is a skin care expert in the European tradition this background led her to be an unparalleled specialist in multi-cultural, multi-ethnic skin care. A skilled technician in chemical and cosmetic anti-aging treatments and therapies with a first-class R&D facility and full in-house manufacturing capabilities.

Christina Zehavi
When meeting with Christina Zehavi at ISPA who has a laboratory wh
ere she actually works hands on, refining all her products, you find yourself listening to an expert who knows the story of every chemical in the skin and how those chemicals are changing. ChristinaCosmeceutical imparts knowledge on how badly we treat our actual skin’s chemical composition with the lack of understanding of the chemicals used in our skin care products.
FluorOxygen +C

The correct focus is to bring the skin to a healthy state, slowly and carefully so that it functions at its peak, only then will issues such as acne scarring, sun pigmentation and discolorationbe addressed on a healthy level. This makes enormous sense, you can only repair or heal a skin condition when the key organ (the skin) in which it resided is healthy.

FluorOxygen +C

Watching ISPA participants from many major spas here in the US have a treatment with Christina was fascinating.  Like a physician Christina would discover things within the skin once the client was on the treatment bed, she would go into an in-depth explanation as to how most of their conditions had occurred, never a discussion on product but a focus on how you got to where you are with your skin.

FluorOxygen +C
A key point she was making to so many ISPA clients was concerning the coloration that was occurring on their skin, not the pigmentation but the coloration. Due to the chemicals in their makeup, these were some chemicals that penetrated the skin to change the real color of the skin, due in great part to a lack of true cleansing, an activity that Christina advocates as the most powerful step to regain total health of the skin. In New York you will find Dr. Sorbel Skin & Spa Cosmetic Surgery Center, 960 Park Avenue New York, NY 10028, who offers Christina Cosmeceutical at his clinic. The FluorOxygen +C facial treatment addresses  skin conditions, but this treatment  will also work by effectively  removing the layers of unhealthy skin cells and release the toxin build up, deep clean, and truly allow your skin to look healthy.

Christina pointed out that once your skin is rid of the layers of environmental pollution the therapist can immediately see which way you can proceed to address specific concerns. The FluorOxygen +C Promotes skin cell renewal for a younger feeling, healthier looking skin, Alpha-hydroxy acids combined with pure vitamin C gently exfoliate and oxygenate skin to even out skin tone while minimizing age spots and surface lines.  This treatment will leave the skin softer, brighter and moisturized.  Christina recommends this treatment as the platform to begin the road back to a healthy skin so that skin concerns can be treated.

If becoming healthy was your resolution this year, you may have forgotten about your skin, well Christina didn’t and help is close at hand.

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