Chinese New Year Exclusive Gourmet Snacks Wrapped in Gold

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Last year, Singapore’s Golden Duck snack brand blew Hong Kong snackers away with its Chilli Crab Seaweed Tempura and Salted Egg Crab Seaweed Tempura inspired by Singapore’s authentic crab dishes. Now for Chinese New Year 2019, Golden Duck plans to go one better with a series of limited edition golden packs of all four of its famous products, including two new flavours and its two signature salted egg yolk snacks.

Starting from today to 19th February, the Gold Packs will be available at 7-Elevens across Hong Kong. All snacks will be selling at HK$55/bag.

A golden treat

Gold is traditionally the festive colour of prosperity for Chinese New Year. Each Golden Duck New Year pack will carry auspicious Chinese New Year blessings such as: Xiao Kou Chang Kai (Wear a smile often), Yi Tuan He Qi (Wishing you harmony and kindness), Xin Nian Kuai Le (Happy New Year), and Da Ji Da Li (Great luck, great profit).

A set of the lovely Golden Packs will be a must-have for every home, office and back pack, and the perfect New Year gift for friends and family during the Spring Festival.

Chinese New Year Exclusive Gourmet Snacks Wrapped in Gold

Chinese New Year Exclusive Gourmet Snacks Wrapped in Gold

CNY Exclusive Promotion Offers

In celebration of the Chinese New Year, The Golden Duck has partnered with 7-Eleven to have two attractive promotion offers. Starting from today to 22nd January, buy 4 packs of Golden Duck snacks from 7-Eleven and you will be given an exquisite Golden Duck limited edition tote bag, at the same time, receive 21 stamps plus 1 bonus stamp. With 22 stamps, you can redeem one cartoon bowl set randomly for free while stocks last. Excellent time for bulk purchase! Never to miss this!

Crafting the real deal

The Golden Duck brand is barely three years old, but it has ‘gone viral’ in the snack world by creating amazing new flavours and throwing conventional manufacturing wisdom out the window. Every ingredient is real and requires meticulous attention. The Good Duck has a team of in-house chefs who are dedicated to creating truly authentic recipes based on the hugely popular flavours of Singapore’s iconic crab dishes. Jonathan Shen, the company’s Co-Founder says, “We may be a young brand, but we are not afraid to push the boundaries of snacking.

Matching lifestyles

The Golden Duck makes every effort to get involved in the lifestyles of snackers and be where the snacking action is taking place. For example, The Golden Duck has been the youngest principal sponsor of the National Day Parade in Singapore for the last two years. And in Hong Kong,

Chinese New Year Exclusive Gourmet Snacks Wrapped in Gold

The Golden Duck has got seriously involved in events like the Taste of Hong Kong and Beertopia. The company also organized a fan night for World Cup 2018 with gourmet snacks to accompany the highs and lows of the competition.

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