China Tang Makes at MGM Grand Las Vegas

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Renowned Hong Kong-based Lai Sun Group. Officially made its Western Hemisphere debut with China Tang. Now open at MGM Grand in Las Vegas. China Tang crafts a unique dining experience. That revives the glory of the Tang Dynasty. Regarded as China’s golden age of cosmopolitan culture and cuisine.

“It is a privilege to welcome the great culinary minds of China Tang to MGM Grand,” said MGM Grand President & COO Scott Sibella. “We are excited and proud to introduce guests to this renowned concept. That’s been exclusive to the other side of the world – until now.”

Vice President of Lai Sun Group, Mr. Lawrence Lau said, “I’m delighted China Tang is open in such a beautiful building and location. Las Vegas is known as a hub of culinary innovation and entertainment. We know guests are going to love the authentic cuisine that China Tang presents.”

China Tang Makes at MGM Grand Las Vegas

China Tang Makes at MGM Grand Las Vegas

    Dim Sum: Available for lunch and dinner. Guests can indulge in decadent dumplings like the China Tang Steamed Pork “Xiao Long Bao,” a soup dumpling filled with broth and pork, and served with a tangy black vinegar sauce. Another favorite is the Steamed Crab Meat Dumplings, which are stuffed with delectable crab meat and steamed until perfectly delicate and beautiful. In addition to a traditional Chinese tea selection, China Tang delivers a Las Vegas touch to its dim sum service with an option of sommelier-selected wine pairings for every dumpling delicacy.

Poultry: The Traditional Beijing Roasted Duck is a labor of love, taking more than 24 hours to prepare before being roasted in an imported duck oven that crisps and browns the skin (available for pre-order only). The Hammer Chicken is as delicious as it is visually spectacular. This China Tang signature is stuffed with mushrooms, pork belly, ginger, shallot and garlic before being wrapped in a dried lotus leaf and clay and baked for more than five hours. Finally, the dish is doused in rosé wine and lit ablaze tableside as the table host uses a hammer to crack the clay open, revealing the succulent chicken within.

 Meat: Premium beef is no longer reserved for fine-dining steakhouses.  China Tang offers guests a Stewed Angus Beef Short Rib braised with onion, carrot, leeks, garlic and celery. China Tang’s Signature Barbecue Pork is a sweet-and-smoky treat. Of pork collar marinated with ginger, garlic, coriander and homemade barbecue seasoning.

    Rice & Noodles: Noodle lovers will rejoice in China Tang’s bevy of freshly-made noodle dishes. The Wok-Fried Rice Noodles with Sliced Beef and X.O. Chili Sauce. Packs a spicy punch and a delectable mix of flavors. Additionally, China Tang elevates rice dishes to another realm with creations such as Fried Rice with Braised Wagyu that prepares opulent beef with black truffle and wild mushrooms into a masterful melding of flavors served in a clay pot.

China Tang Makes at MGM Grand Las Vegas

    Seafood: China Tang’s seafood has the unique flexibility. Ranging from approachable favorites like the Kung Pao Shrimp, to exotic masterpieces originals such as the Live Lobster. That allows guests to customize the succulent dish with seven types of Cantonese preparations. The Braised Chilean Sea Bass and Roasted Pork Belly are stir-fried together and stew in double-boiled meat broth with Shaoxing wine, dark soy sauce, oyster sauce, ginger, scallions and fried garlic

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