Chi Chi fragrances identify with their customers

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Chi Chi  fragrances have been on the market for over 10 years, now  Chi Chi continues with their  Eau De Parfum range with a modern twist of an eye-catching facelift. The new line-up has nine fragrances that offer floral, fruity, fresh or spicy scents – depending on your mood. “There is something for everyone in our current collection,” says Chi Chi co-founder George Lambropoulos.

Lambropoulos was a fragrance buyer for a pharmacy , so creating a fragrance collection was only inevitable for his  Chi Chi brand. After being inspired by numerous visits to fragrance perfumeries in the south of France, Chi Chi have worked with many fragrance perfumeries around the world to help develop the brand’s EDP collection.

Chi Chi fragrances identify with their customers

When creating the scents, Lambropoulos and partner Frank Nassiokas’ main focus was on the customer. “In order to create scents, you need to identify who your customer is and what she will like. That is the secret really. Over the years we have launched so many fragrances and most have worked for that very reason,” reveals Lambropoulos.

Chi Chi fragrances identify with their customers

It took Chi Chi two years before the brand came up with their end prototype, with the design initially beginning with hand drawn sketches before moving on to computer images. “We had many versions we liked along the way, but we always came back to the final version,” says Lambropoulos.

The end result shows a fragrance collection that reflects each other while remaining individual due to having their own color. “We wanted something that was girly, flirty and fun, just like our fragrances, but something that had a serious side to it as well, just like the base notes of our fragrances. It’s like the ending of a Miss Universe pageant, there is a line up of amazing beautiful women who collectively at first look very similar, but then you look closer and they begin to be a little bit different,” states Lambropoulos.

Chi Chi fragrances identify with their customers

Chi Chi was established in 1997 by savvy pharmacist George Lambropoulos and his friend Frank Nassiokas, after their love and fascination with color sand cosmetics came together. From then on, with cosmopolitan Melbourne as their backdrop, they set off on a journey discovering colors, textures, styles, fashion and glamor. Inspired by everything from the earthy tones of the Australian Outback and the tropical colors of the Great Barrier Reef to the luscious greens of Melbourne’s gardens, today Chi Chi cosmetics gives every female the chance to switch-up her look and her attitude whenever she wants.

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