Chef Tyler Florence joins Silicon Valley startup Innit to revolutionize the way you eat

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Tyler Florence, world-renowned celebrity chef, announced that he has joined the team at food tech startup Innit (—an “eating technology” company. One that is behind the world’s first Connected Food Platform for the kitchen. Florence made a statement that “recipes are dead”. Marking the end of one-size-fits-all meals and the emergence of personalized eating. Made possible by Innit’s technology that empowers the unique way we eat.

“Recipes served a purpose back in the day, but inflexible recipes don’t work with the modern lifestyle anymore. They’re too long, complicated, and require too much pre-planning,” said Florence. “Today’s recipe content is one dimensional. It doesn’t know who I am, my family’s nutrition needs and likes/dislikes, the food I have in my fridge, or the appliances I have in my home. I have a deep interest in the intersection of food and technology. Particularly when it comes to helping people with the way they eat. Innit’s team and eating technology are world-class. There’s nothing like it out there, and I could not be more excited to help bring it to homes around the world.”

Chef Tyler Florence joins Silicon Valley startup Innit to revolutionize the way you eat

Florence made his announcement while addressing industry leaders and the media in his October 10 fireside-style chat “Trickle Down Innovation. The Place Of The Pro Kitchen In Innovation Diffusion” at Smart Kitchen Summit 2017 in Seattle, Washington.

As Innit’s Chief Content and Innovation Officer, Florence aims to herald in the future of eating: using the technology people already have to create a centralized hub that integrates the disjointed aspects of the food ritual. By focusing on the way individuals want to eat, Innit is providing solutions for everyone to use everyday—no fancy gadgets or all new appliances needed.

“Tyler is an incredible addition to the Innit team. He has been instrumental in helping us create our future forward content strategy and the underlying technology behind it,” said Josh Sigel, Chief Operating Officer at Innit. “Content will become the vehicle that delivers information across the kitchen. From the grocery items needed for the meal you’re planning. Through to the guidance your appliances require in order to produce optimal results. Developing next-generation content for the connected kitchen is a critical component. To helping our customers eat and live better, and we could not be more thrilled to have Tyler leading this effort.”

Chef Tyler Florence joins Silicon Valley startup Innit to revolutionize the way you eat

Silicon Valley-based Innit is an “eating technology” company that has developed the world’s first Connected Food Platform. Realizing and leading the vision of the connected kitchen.  Innit is a centralized hub that integrates a disjointed food system by focusing on the way individuals want to eat. Combining the strengths of its partner’s products and services with its platform. Innit provides a personalized, connected, and confidence-building consumer experience across the eating ritual.

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