Poudre De Perle from Chantecaille

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Chantecaille Poudre De Perle is an innovative blush formula is contained in its own brush and delivers the perfect amount of colour. The smart formula of Chantecaille Poudre de Perle replaces traditional talc particles with weightless, silky, and translucent optics that ensure skin clarity and luminosity Particles of zinc, iron, and mica provide natural, mineral protection and fortification from environmental elements. Tiny light-reflective pigment particles coated with skin-friendly natural ingredients ensure comfortable and enduring wear. Please note: Stores are not able to accept changes or returns on sale items, they can only be refunded or exchanged via the website. While all products remain in perfect condition, the nature of the sale may result in some external packaging appearing slightly worn. Regrettably, sale items cannot be gift wrapped. Available in the following colours: Chantecaille Poudre De Perle

Poudre De Perle from Chantecaille

Poudre De Perle from Chantecaille

Chantecaille’s Charitable Efforts: Due to a deep concern for our endangered environment and the many animals at risk, Chantecaille has always reached out to its customers – through its products and coverage in the press – on these universally relevant issues. A key impetus for creating the company was a strong desire to establish a platform with the power to draw attention to important issues of global sustainability, and to fund a foundation that could support related initiatives. According to founder Sylvie Chantecaille, “Our customers are very intelligent women with the power to make a difference.” Chantecaille’s special relationship with them has been essential to educating a broader audience and engaging more people in bringing about positive change.

Chantecaille has long dedicated itself to fortifying the outside from within, using natural ingredients in its products to organically nurture the body. This sense of balance and reciprocity also helps define the Chantecaille aesthetic, which expresses a deep respect for the extraordinary beauty and richness of nature. The company joins with its customers to have an effect beyond the merely personal, contributing together-one innovative beauty product at a time-to a better world



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