Celebrity hair stylist Janet Zeitoun creator SOTAH

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A few tips to help you keep your holiday hair in tip-top shape, from celebrity hair stylist and creator of SOTAH hair care, Janet Zeitoun:

1. Celebrate the season with simple up dos that will give your tresses a break from the harsh routine of irons and blow dryers. Pull your hair into a ponytail, stay at ear level or below. Twist and pin. No worries for perfection Give your bun a more whimsical and unconstructed look by pulling a few strands out from the bun to remain free. I love to use the Capezio hairpins. They’re inexpensive and come in a set of 12 for $5. The designed arch on the pins effortlessly & painlessly keeps hair in place all night long.

Celebrity hair stylist Janet Zeitoun creator SOTAH

Celebrity hair stylist Janet Zeitoun creator SOTAH

2. Let you hair go a few extra days between washing. This allows your hair to take advantage of its natural oils for a little bit longer. Heating systems, like curling and flat irons, can have a very drying effect on the hair during this season. Also, remember to hydrate, as the bitter winter months can be weapons of destruction for your hair.

3. A few great hats for the season is a must. Hats not only cover a multitude of sin, but, can step up your style a few notches. Another way of giving your hair the rest that it needs.

4. A good dry shampoo (such as Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo) comes in handy as a quick fix when hair can’t go a day longer being bombarded with product and environmental debris. Dry shampoo can also assist in giving you great up dos and tremendous volume when needed. SOTAH Oil Crème Therapy will hydrate the hair after the use of a dry shampoo, giving your hair a vibrant natural shine.

Celebrity hair stylist Janet Zeitoun creator SOTAH

Celebrity hair stylist Janet Zeitoun creator SOTAH

Celebrity hair stylist Janet Zeitoun creator SOTAH

SOTAH (acronym for STATE OF THE ART HAIR) is an expression of beauty and lifestyle. With a discerning whisk of a few strands, a new era of style can be born. It can mimic the past, cultivate the present, and sculpt the future. Before a strand is brushed, SOTAH philosophy begins from within. SOTAH prides itself in establishing a healthy foundation for achieving individual goals in hair care, trend, and style. SOTAH is the balance of chemistry, design, and the ability to find the unique and individual personality in everyone to compliment the SOTAH experience. Many years of experience and recognition has afforded SOTAH to welcome the challenges of the modern day individual. Hair has been an expression since the beginning of time. SOTAH will always strive to continue that expression. SOTAH is not about wearing a style – it’s about wearing you at your best

For nearly 20 years, Janet Zeitoun has been designing the hair of some of the world’s most famous superstars. Janet Jackson has said, “Her [Zeitoun’s] talent is rare and exceptional.” Zeitoun’s longtime clients also include Denzel Washington and Natalie Cole, and the late Michael Jackson. As one of Hollywood’s top hairstylists, she has traveled the globe alongside A-List celebrities, influencers and executives who trust in the unparalleled skills and integrity of Zeitoun. Her encyclopedic knowledge of products and techniques are the signature of her genius.

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