Celebrate with PepsiCo

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To celebrate the coming Spring Festival, PepsiCo joined the “Happy Spring Festival” program. A leading project held by the Ministry of Culture of China, hoping to deliver new-year-blessing to all overseas Chinese by broadcasting a video at the landmark of New York, London and Tokyo. This is also the third time that PepsiCo takes part in the “Happy Spring Festival” program. In the video, the most well-known Chinese family, casted by Song Dandan, Gao Yalin, Yang Zi, Zhang Yishan, and You Haoran, reunited after twelve years since the famous sitcom they played in 2004. As an important part of PepsiCo’s routine celebration activity “Bringing Happiness Home” started from 2010. This year’s “Bringing Happiness Home” activity hopes to share with all Chinese via the reunion of the five family members.

Celebrate with PepsiCo

The “Bringing Happiness Home” project has existed for six years. As an innovation-pursuing brand that is supported by young people. PepsiCo has been striving to enrich the connotation of “happiness” and “family” from different dimensions over the past five years. Delivering the positive energy of happiness to all consumers. In 2017, PepsiCo reunited the family and made a mini movie. Taking advantage of number “17″, a homophonic word of Chinese word “Yi Qi”, which means “being together”. With this innovative visual form, PepsiCo hopes to deliver the happiness of being together during Spring Festival.  Prompting consumers to bring happiness to their families.  PepsiCo plans to join hands with China Women’s Development Foundation to carry out the public welfare project “Bringing Happiness Home-Mother Post Parcel”. Sending best wishes to those mothers who are suffering from poverty, so that everyone can have a happy new year.

“Happy Spring Festival” is a leading project held by the Ministry of Culture of China. Its goal is to celebrate the Spring Festival with all Chinese and share Chinese culture with foreign countries. It is the common wish of bringing the joy of the Spring Festival to every corner of the world that brings PepsiCo and the Ministry of Culture together. Apart from bringing Spring Festival wishes to all Chinese both at home and overseas, PepsiCo still wants to express the deep connotation of the Spring Festival, that is, the traditional culture of family and being together. Enjoying the happiness of the reunion of family is the essence of the Spring Festival, which is also the foundation and core of PepsiCo’s “Bringing Happiness Home”.

The most well-known Chinese family

Five isolated people construct an on-screen family, accompanying generations of Chinese people with their joys and sorrows. Off the screen, they develop a relation much deeper than that displayed in the sitcom. To many Chinese, they are the most famous Chinese Family and carry too much memory and emotion.

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