BRIGHTENEX™ skin brightener and correcting crème

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BRIGHTENEX™ is one of Dr. Zein Obagi’s newest, uniquely formulated treatments that controls hyper pigmentation to achieve an even skin tone and color; the formulation also acts to stimulate skin renewal for fine lines. As BRIGHTENEX™ contains retinol with a unique delivery system; it is strong enough to be used alone without any other stimulator such as tretinoin. It is the perfect product to be used as an introduction to the ZO Skin Health philosophy or as a complement during the maintenance phase of the entire system.

BRIGHTENEX™ skin brightener and correcting crème

BRIGHTENEX™ skin brightener and correcting crème

For my six week skin preparation for a Thermage treatment, I used BRIGHTENEX™ in the morning after Balatone, initially for the first day I used one pump, but the formulation is not uncomfortable on the skin, so for me it was easy to step up to two pumps on the second day.

BRIGHTENEX™ skin brightener and correcting crème

BRIGHTENEX™ skin brightener and correcting crème

What I really like about BRIGHTENEX™ is that it does NOT contain Hydroquinone, which is a breakthrough in skincare for those of us with stubborn hyper pigmentation. For my skin the hyper pigmentation began to subside after 8 days, however I can that say that you do need to take time with the application and rub the 1 – 2 pumps well into your skin.  I can’t stress this enough, if you just apply it, this brilliant product will not be able to do its job.

I learnt to be patient and after I cleansed and toned I moved from the bathroom and sat down, then using the two pumps rubbed and massaged the BRIGHTENEX™ well into my skin until I could feel a slight warmth. This is a result of an increase in the blood circulation that brings energy producing nutrients and oxygen to the skin’s cells as well as carrying away metabolic waste products, at this point you are aiding BRIGHTENEX™ to go into the skin and work within the cell structure.

Bioengineered to target all three stages of skin discoloration through a patented, bio-vectored, microsphere delivery system. BRIGHTENEX™ is the first commercial product launched that stabilizes pure retinol (1.0%), melanin inhibitors and antioxidants with natural, patented Oleosome technology. Oleosomes are microspheres of antioxidant-rich emollient oils and vitamins found naturally in plant seeds like almond and safflower.

BRIGHTENEX™ skin brightener and correcting crème

BRIGHTENEX™ skin brightener and correcting crème

BRIGHTENEX™ skin brightener and correcting crème

Another long term benefit to using BRIGHTENEX™ is that this comprehensive multi-action formulation minimizes skin redness caused by environmental factors and helps maintain an even and restored skin tone, a skin care product perfect for any where in the world with pollution problems.

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  1. Mary says:

    Me puedo exfoliation la piel usando Brigutenex?

    • Geraldine Lai says:

      Esta es una crema médica que usted tiene que ir a un doctor y conseguir que , no es un creanm exfoliación, se trata de la pigmentación.

  2. Anita Gruber says:

    Can a moisturizer be applied over Brightnex after it has absorbed?

    • Geraldine Lai says:

      Hi When I used Brightenex I never applied a moisturizer over the product, I was using the complete line from ZO Skin Health, and instructions from the Dr. did not include crossing over into other brands. I was on this for 6 weeks before a Thermage treatment

  3. Lisa Jill Maxey says:

    I have used Zo Medical Brightenex for 2 months, 2 pumps every night with no peeling, redness, and NO RESULTS. My skin is worse (sun spots much more visible). I do not want to call out the product, I just wants answers. I am being told that the melanin in my skin is just rising to the surface. Could this be true. I want my skin to improve. I am fair and blond.

  4. Jill Maxey says:

    None – just Brightenex 2 pumps every evening. I use another brand of sun screen daily and eye cream a.m. & p.m. No other moisturizer
    I purchase the product from a plastic surgeon.

    • Hi Jill
      I would definitely go back and see the doctor you brought this one from and tell them about the other products that you are using and get their advice as to how they are all interacting together ( mainly in regard to the ingredients)

  5. elizabeth says:

    hola soy Elizabeth yo tengo una receta del medico Ricardo Moreno, pues el me has mandado uno tratamiento con Brightenex + retamax y no lo se como comprar, puedes ayudarme, gracias.

    • Hi Elizabeth
      yes you need to go to a Dr. to buy these products they are not available on line or at any retail location. Please buy these from your doctor to ensure the products a real.
      thank you

  6. Cindy says:

    My skin regime am- vitamin C, brightenex and sunscreen.
    Pm- retamax
    Question is can I use glycogent in am along with brightenex and can I use brightenex in pm before using retamax

    • When you purchased your ZO products what did your Doctor tell you in relation to your skin condition, and specific instructions in using the products, and how long have you been on the treatment?

      • Cindy says:

        I’ve been using it for about a year. The Dr thinks I should brightenex twice day and glycogent every day in am.
        Just not sure if this is excessive?
        My skin issue is mostly texture issue.i want smooth glowing skin. Being south Asian I need to be more careful with products. Not sure if this is too much

        • If this is what your doctor says, and you want to make changes speak to him and tell him why. I’ve never used glycogent I know its an accelerator,are you finding it uncomfortable It sounds like your finding this too much, I think that is worth telling the Dr. The Dr. cannot understand your inner feelings. I always think its worth listening to your inner self, but not without letting the Dr. know. You have spent perhaps not only your money but time to correct your skin. Tell the Dr. this and how you feel, I am sure they will change it, or ask you to rest from the products and start again after a period of time.

  7. margaret penno says:

    I am 77 years old and have been using your creams for 5 years and I look younger than my daughter who is 55 I have just quite work and finding it to much money to keep using what do you suggest I am using reteam active Vitim a and brightenex skin brightner and correcting cream I love I your product I logo to the senior center and file good because I do not have any winkles

    • Hi Margaret
      Thank you for your email, the products are not mine they are ZO. Many people who write to our site do say that their skin always looks younger. So if you want to change which is not a problem, I would suggest that you speak to your Dr. and be up front as to the cost. These products do not go down in price only up. So I do understand that they can become expensive. So just tell the Dr they are becoming cost prohibitive and although you are happy with the results you need his guidance to look into another product that while good is not so expensive. They should advise you accordingly.

  8. emily says:

    I have been using brightnex for a year and just found out I’m eight weeks pregnant ,I was never told it was unsafe ,I’m terrified after finding out its dangerous to the unborn baby , how much truth is in thid

    • Hi presume you have spoken to your doctor and stopped using the product once your found your self pregnant. All info on using the product is listed in the packet, I find a lot of people just put it on without reading all the paper notices in the package. I am sure your have spoken to your Doctor?……what did they say?

  9. Marisol says:

    Can i use tretinoin 1% at night and brightenex in the morning? I really like both products. Thanks

    • Hi
      When you were given these products from your Dermatologist/Doctor what was their initial prescription? Also did they alao give you the ZO Health Sun protection for day time, either in the tinted or non tinted?

  10. Ladan says:

    I am 42 years old.
    I went to my doctor, i told her i would like to have a shiny and glow skin and also there are some pigmentation on my face.( i did laser last year to remove them, some of them have gone but there are still some pigmentation on my face) .
    My doctor adviced me to buy this product.
    But i am worried a little bit , i don’t want my skin colour change.
    What do you think? Do you think my pigmentaion will go away and i will have shiny face?
    Please tell me

    • Hi, If your pigmentation is hormonal ( I have this type of pigmentation) then it will not go away. Only your doctor can tell you which type of pigmentation you have. This product is excellent but I think you have more question to your doctor. Also I expect that when you had the laser treatment your expectations were that, the laser would take care or remove the pigmentation, which sounds like this has not happened.

  11. Marisol says:

    Good morning. I went to a dermatoligist for fillers and he told me my expression lines were very not deep. He recommend microneedle. What us your opinion about this treatment? Thanks

  12. simona says:

    ho 27 anni e utilizzo il Brightenex™ da circa 6 mesi insieme ad altri prodotti della linea ZO medical.
    POsso continuare ad utilizzare il Brightenex™ anche in estate?

    • Hi
      I used Brightenex here in Hong Kong, and not only during the summer months but also during winter I used the SZ Skin Health sun protection. They have two and I used the tinted one, it was excellent.
      Speak to your dermatologist about the product

  13. Josephine Oria says:

    I went to see the doc. I hv melasma on my face. She recommended me to use brightenex morning and night for the first week then gradually increase it in the following weeks.
    My question is after applying it on my face, do I hv to leave for a few hours or rinse it with warm water?
    At night after applying it, can I sleep with the cream on my face and just wash it in the morning?
    Please advice me as the staff only told me to use twice a day and gradually inscrease the intake . Tq

    • Hi Josephine
      I used Brightenex morning and night, you do not need to rinse it off, then in the evening which ever cream your doctor recommended you can apply and leave over night, to be cleansed off in the morning.

  14. Gina says:


    Does brightenex 04 expire or go bad? If so, what would likely happen?
    I really appreciate you answering for this product 🙂

    • Hi, all expiry dates are listed on the box or product. Also on the back of the actual product is a circle showing a jar opened with a number ie. 6 months or 12 months, this is from the day that you actually open it, you have that amount of time to use it before it expires. All products expire.

  15. Philimina says:

    Hi, I am applying britenex cream during night everyday as prescribed by dermo. My skin looks dull, tan and peeling…how long will continue like this..please advise..

    • Hi, as this was prescribed by your dermatologist, I can assure you they will want to see your skin and the results that have occurred. You must return to your Dermatologist so they can see first hand your skin, and understand why this has happened.

  16. Osiris says:

    Hola he hido al dermatologo estoy utilizando brightener correcting creme tengo una duda me la tengo que aplicar en toda la cara o solo en el malesma

    • From my understanding and depending on the power of active ingredients many dermatologists recommend covering the affected area…I don’t understand that your dermatologist did not tell you this, sometimes I wonder if people went to their dermatologist or just purchased powerful creams on the internet without any help or guidance. Please call your dermatologist and ask them, only they know the ingredients and what will happen to your skin.

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