Biology celebrates World Vegan Day

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World Vegan Day is an opportunity to celebrate and raise awareness of the benefits of veganism. The definition of ‘veganism’ is the practice of abstaining from the use of animal products.Relates to people who do not consume animal products. The term has been extended to include to a movement of people who say ‘no’ to the exploitation and cruelty of animals and are environmentally aware.

With up to 5% of Australian adults identifying as vegetarian (and half of these again identifying as vegan) it is important to be able to speak to these people with a skin and hair care range that meets their specific needs. Biology is an Australian-made skin and hair care vegan brand that is proud to be socially responsible. Biology is committed to preserving the unique Australian ecosystem through the use of sustainably sourced bio-actives. As well as essential oils and biodegradable recyclable packaging. Biology offer ‘smart’ skin and hair care products that are not only better for the consumer, but better for the planet too. All Biology products are free from animal-derived ingredients and are not tested on animals.

Biology celebrates World Vegan Day

Biology celebrates World Vegan Day


Promote hydrated, healthy skin with Biology Moisture Therapy Body Duo Pack – 375ml.

No. 303 Moisture Therapy Body Wash is a gentle, sulphate free pH-balanced formulation. Designed to cleanse without stripping or dehydrating the skin. Active plant DNA, bio lipids and powerful Australian extracts help nourish and hydrate the skin.

No. 304 Moisture Therapy Body Lotion delivers long lasting hydration in a lightweight, nongreasy formula. Active plant DNA, bio lipids and powerful Australian extracts help fight the appearance of premature ageing. Brighten the skin and restore natural oils to lock in moisture and promote a youthful skin glow.

FEATURES AND BENEFITS • Natural AHA fruit acids gently work to digest dead skin cells • pH balanced formula of 5.6 pH for a healthy, balanced skin barrier • Rich in plant DNA for antioxidant protection • Sulphate Free: Gentle soap free cleansing formula from naturally derived coconut oils and fruit sugars

Biology celebrates World Vegan Day

SKIN CONDITION:  Normal – Dehydrated Available online at Biology Moisture Therapy Body Duo Pack 375mL RRP $48.00.

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