Biologique Recherche Hong Kong personalized effective facials

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If you are looking for an effective personalized treatment, using only the purest botanical extracts with no preservatives and fragrance, this is the treatment for you. No matter where you travel in the world, this is a treatment line where BR therapists have been trained by their own experts from Paris. Paris is home to Biologique Recherche, their stunning spa is a must on your travel itinerary when you visit Paris.

For my facial with Biologique Recherche team in the World Commerce Center here in Hong Kong, their standards and high quality to every detail will not disappoint.  To begin with my therapist Sasha, had been trained by one of BR experts from Paris. Celia is a BR international trainer who I can’t speak highly enough of.

Biologique Recherche Hong Kong personalized effective facials

As all Biologique Recherche facial are personalized for each client and each visit. Clients will not find the standard print out list of treatments where one size fits all. For this treatment In Hong Kong Sasha and I discussed three of the BR treatment products used that she used.

Sasha started with a quick cleanse and then assessed the skin (the starting point of every BR facial). To follow was a welcome massage (one of the best facial massage techniques that incorporates the shoulders), a second cleanse, gentle exfoliation using Lotion P50W, a professional exfoliating, moisturizing and epidermis regulating product.

Onto one of the 5 boosters in the BR collection. A booster “Soin Lissant” combined with two products – a serum rich in Hyaluronic Acid and a powder rich in Natural Amino Acids ,  ideal for sensitive, reactive, stressed and traumatized skin. The Soin Lissant treatment hydrates, renews and protects. An Immediate reconditioning treatment for thin, sensitive, reactive skin or skin that is prematurely ageing.

The outstanding Remodeling Face® was used in conjunction with different kinds of Quintessential Serums.  There are total 14 Quintessential Serums, Sasha had selected three for me which were Amniotique E., Elastine Pure and Placenta.  The machine itself combines four types of electric currents. Galvanic current which improves the absorption of the active ingredients. Low and medium frequency current which re-shapes and tones. Athermic pulsed high frequency current which re-vitalizes the epidermis. Electroporation, a high-frequency impulse current to make the upper layer of the epidermis permeable and help the active ingredients migrate into the cells.


Biologique Recherche Hong Kong personalized effective facials

Biomagic Mask is an energizing mask formulated with a subtle combination of mineral ingredients.

It leaves the skin glowing and soft. Purifies and tightens pores. This is a go to mask for everyone. Which makes it a must have staple in your beauty regime at home. If you have an event to go to, reach for Biomagic, this mask unifies and brightens the complexion. Your skin will tone up and look clear, cool to the touch. Biomagic white clay mask is recommended for all skin types. Active ingredients include: corn extract, wheat germ, plankton extract, and white clay.

Sasha, also recommended I could use this mask first thing in the morning, if I am rushed for time. Biomagic Mask can be left on for 10 – 15 minutes, and then shower off. For myself a great travel companion.

One incredible aspect of any Biologique Recherche facial is their massage. Without a question of a doubt the massage technique is one of the best. A face lift from the hands of your therapist. Here in Hong Kong at Biologique Recherche you will experience the finest massage technique as if you were at Biologique Recherche Paris.

Biologique Recherche Hong Kong personalized effective facials

For a full skin analysis, a facial or replenish your Biologique Recherche products visit: BIOLOGIQUE RECHERCHE Suites 1006-7 World Commerce Centre, Harbour City, 11 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong. Tel: (852) 2115-3198, 2115-3189

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