Biologique Recherche for women in Monaco at Club39

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Biologique Recherche is a global skincare brand in every sense of the word. In Monaco, Biologique Recherche offers treatments in their salon at Club39.  One of the female club members, recently had a facial from therapist Maud.

French skincare products and Biologique Recherche are among the top skincare brands in the world. Biologique Recherche was founded by a biologist, a physiotherapist, and a doctor. Their goal was to deliver an effective clinical formulation using high concentrations and pure active ingredients derived from natural botanicals and plant extracts. Their formulations are both effective and efficient.

Biologique Recherche for women in Monaco at Club39

As with all Biologique Recherche facials they are bespoke. Always meeting your changing skin needs. Vivienne who is a member of Club39, went through a skin analysis where she talked about her skin concerns. Also, her present routine was reviewed with Maud her therapist. Maud analyzed her skin condition using the Biologique Recherche Skin Instant Lab. Dehydration and pigmentation were the main concerns, Maud designed Vivienne’s facial to address those issues.

Vivienne’s skin looked renewed. It was clear of imperfections; it was radiant, smooth, and toned.  Vivienne diligently uses sun block, and living in Monaco where the sun is always present, the therapists at Biologique Recherche know exactly how to treat, protect and renew a skin that lives in the Mediterranean. “I finished my facial  feeling super relaxed, specially from the firm facial massage that lifted my skin, as well as the gentle approach and application of products in each phase.” commented Vivienne.

When in Monaco visit the Clube39 for Biologique Recherche Facial Treatment with their amazing results, then you can look every part “Monaco”.

Biologique Recherche for women in Monaco at Club39

Club39 – SOIN HYDRECLAT 60’. Ideal for dehydrated skin and / or pigmentation spots. This Is a moisturizing treatment, that tightens and sublimates the complexion. At the same time where Vivienne is concerned, refine the pores.


– uniformity of complexion

– restores the barrier function of the epidermis

– restores comfort, suppleness and softness to the skin

Products used and/or advised:

Cleansing Care

– LAIT VIP 02 cleans and unifies skin exposed to harsh climates and/or pollution (night)

– EAU MICELLAIRE purifies, soothes, tones and hydrates (morning)

– Lotion P50W Gently exfoliates and balances the epidermis (day and night)

Purifiying and stabilizing masks

-MASQUE VIVANT brightens, tones and refreshes the complexion (Only on T-zone 1x/week)

– MASQUE VIP O2 leaves the skin beautiffuly soft and glowing ( 1x/week)

Quintessentials serums

– SERUM EXTRAITS TISSULAIRES moisturizes and revitalizes the skin (10 drops morning)

– SERUM DERMOPORE tightens the pores (10 drops morning)

Essential Cream

– CREME HYDRAVITS moisturizes and revitalizes stressed skin (morning)

Specific cream

– CONTOUR YEUX BIOSENSIBLE soothes, brightens the eye area (morning and night)

Targeted serums

– SERUM PIGM 400 brightens and corrects dark spots (night)

Specific cream

– CREME PIGM 400 unifies and brightens the complexion (night)

Finishing Serum

SILK + unifies the complexion, firms the skin and leaves it smoother (morning after creme hydravits)

Biologique Recherche for women in Monaco at Club39

Biologique Recherche for women in Monaco at Club39 – Maud

Biologique Recherche Therapist at Club39 –  Maud

With a diploma in Management and Expert body care, Maud has worked in SPA’s of various luxurious hotels in France and Corsica. After 5 years in Luxury hotels, Maud decided she wanted to turn to a new sector of the Spa world. She has been a part of the spa team in the Odeon Tower and afterwards joined Club39 team and participated in the spa opening with Emilie. Her objective is to insure a high-end service and to propose unique and personalized treatment to each customer.

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