Biologique Recherche for men in Monaco at Club39

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Biologique Recherche is a global skincare brand in every sense of the word. In Monaco, Biologique Recherche offers treatments in their salon at Club39.  One of the male club members, recently had a facial from therapist Emilie.

Men today are more open to using good quality skincare than ever before. They are highly engaged consumers, which allows for luxury skincare brands to offer bespoke facials to their male clients. More men are developing multi-step regimens. Regimens that are transferred from their facials to their home care products.

Biologique Recherche for men in Monaco at Club39

Biologique Recherche for men in Monaco at Club39

Edward a member of Club39, is an avid global traveler heading up his own business, Edward’s last facial was about a year ago. Edward, does have a skin care regime at home, however it has never been a regime of products that was transferred from a facial treatment into his home care.  Biologique Recherche relies on their truly results related techniques and treatments for home care, to maintain a clear vitalized finish to the skin.

So, with the high-grade products that Biologique Recherche offers, here is a bespoke facial that uses facial techniques, trained by a team from Paris who never waver on the highest French standards.

In Monaco, this ultra-moisturizing, replenishing, protective men’s facial is the solution. After the important assessment stage, treatments from the Biologique Recherche range where selected by Emilie. A deeply relaxing treatment, is her recommendation specifically designed to suit Edwards skin care needs.

Biologique Recherche for men in Monaco at Club39

Biologique Recherche for men in Monaco at Club39

The Club39 salon brings a sense of peace to all their members, while revitalizing and rejuvenating their skin.  The Biologique Recherche facial massage is a unique step in the treatment. The technique which is trained by the Paris team, lifts the skin like no other facial massage can. No matter where you travel in the world, this standard has been trained to perfection to all Biologique Recherche therapists.

Edwards skin after his facial, was totally clear, smooth and bright. He looked more healthy and vibrant. One of the aspects he was so impressed with was Emilie’s facial massage. “The pressure to lift the skin was amazing, I truly felt the difference compared to other facials,” commented Edward.

Club39 – SOIN RECONDITIONNANT LIPIDIQUE 60′ – Recommended for Instants de Peau, very deficient in lipids and very dehydrated.

Products used and/or advised:

Cleansing Care – LAIT EV cleans and moisturizes (morning and night). – LOTION P50W Gently exfoliates and balances the epidermis (morning and night)

Purifying and stabilizing masks –  MASQUE VISOLSTINE + (NEW) Moisturizes and revitalizes in proof the epidermis (1x/week)

Quintessential serums – SERUM AMNIOTIQUE E hydrates and soothes (morning and night 10 drops)- SERUM COLLAGENE NATIF tones the skin and tightens the pores (morning and night 10 drops)

Targeted serum – SERUM 3R Renews, regenerates and repair (night) – SERUM TEWL protects and prevents extreme dehydration of the skin (5 drops morning mixed with amniotique E and Collagen natif)

Intensive Cream – CREME DERMO RL replenishes the skin in moisture and lipids (morning and night)

Specific cream — CONTOUR YEUX BIOSENSIBLE soothes, brightens the eye area (morning and night)

Biologique Recherche for men in Monaco at Club39

Biologique Recherche for men in Monaco at Club39

Biologique Recherche for men in Monaco at Club39 – Therapist Emilie

Biologique Recherche Therapist – Emilie

After 5 years in Geneva and 3 years in London, Emilie had decided to return home to Monaco. Her international experiences in luxury hotels, her work with doctors and osteopaths has given her the opportunity to have clinical training as well as the rigor and the service of a Palace.

As a member of the Odeon Tower spa opening team, the concept of Club39 was an extremely interesting challenge for her. Concerned for the well-being of her clients and constantly looking for new techniques, she created a Spa identity in Club39. Emilie offers unique synergies of services developed by the specialists from “Biologique Recherche” which allows Club39 to listen to the needs of each of her clients.

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