Billy Jealousy Shave3Some – Men’s Gift Guide

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Billy Jealousy’s Shave3Some contains the 3 essentials to shaving, a unique water-activated heating pre-shave treatment, a super-slick shave cream, and a cooling after-shave balm that are travel-friendly for those that are always on the go.  The most unique product, Hot Towel, is a water-activated heating pre-shave treatment that mimics the traditional hot towel experience at the Barber Shop, but from the comfort of his own bathroom!

Billy Jealousy Shave3Some – Men’s Gift Guide

Billy Jealousy Shave3some Shave System is featured in 3 oz., airline-approved bottles. Includes clear zipper bag. Hot Towel Pre-Shave Treatment heats, softens & conditions beard for a smoother, more comfortable shave. Hydroplane Shave Cream protects skin while yielding extraordinary razor glide. Shaved Ice After-Shave Balm cools, soothes and hydrates skin. Blocks pain.

Billy Jealousy Shave3Some – Men’s Gift Guide

Shave3some Kit contains the following:

  • Hot Towel Pre-Shave Treatment, 3 fl.oz.
  • Hydroplane Shave Cream, 3 fl.oz.
  • Shaved Ice After-Shave Balm, 3 fl.oz.
Billy Jealousy Shave3Some – Men’s Gift Guide

Billy Jealousy is more than just a product — it’s a way of life that defines who you are: effortless yet edgy, playful but still polished. Sharply tailored for today’s sophisticated bad boy and bad girl, our line is geared towards those who know how to look good. After all, an investment in your appearance can really pay off.

Relax, it’s not something that’s going to hurt your image — just the opposite. In fact, our line of Cosmeceutical products has been scientifically designed to help cleanse and promote the health, texture and tone of your skin. We base our formulas not on marketing practices but on scientific research, and we use only the finest raw materials in all our products.

Billy Jealousy formula

Our advanced formulas are blended to exacting levels to deliver optimum performance in looking after your skin. Each of our formulations contains 5 to 20 different key ingredients, which combine to create a chemical reaction that has a direct benefit in enhancing and protecting your appearance. Yes, we’re meticulous and we’re precise; but it’s our attention to details that gives our formulations their edge and your image a boost.All of our products have been PETA-approved.

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