Beyond Skin launches bespoke Tiger & Tigress shoes

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Beyond Skin have partnered with World Animal Protection UK to sell designer slip-ons and stilettos in black faux suede with gold Tiger embroidery in aid of the charity’s Wildlife. Not Entertainers campaign.  For International World Tiger Day, the boutique vegan company are promoting the stylish Tiger pumps and Tigress stilettos. 10% from every sale will assist World Animal Protection, who are campaigning to end the use of all wild animals for entertainment.

Beyond Skin launches bespoke Tiger & Tigress shoes

Beyond Skin launches bespoke Tiger & Tigress shoes

World Animal Protection estimates that at least 550,000 wild animals, including tigers, elephants and dolphins, are suffering at the hands of irresponsible wildlife tourist attractions around the world, many of which are promoted and sold via TripAdvisor, to its 300 million visitors each month.

Animals at these venues are often taken from their mothers when young, beaten, endure ongoing physical and psychological abuse during training to make them submissive enough to give rides, perform tricks or pose for holiday ‘selfies’ with tourists.

Beyond Skin said: Ending the exploitation of animals is an issue that is close to our heart, so were very proud to work with World Animal Protection UK on this campaign.

Were hoping the two styles we designed will start conversations about this campaign and raise peoples awareness that wild animals deserve so much more than suffering for the sake of a selfie.

World Animal Protection said: Tourists who are buying tickets to take tiger selfies, ride elephants or watch dolphin shows are usually unaware of the abuse and suffering the animals experience in these venues.

We are asking tourists to think about the welfare of the tigers as if you can get up close, hug or have a selfie with a tiger its cruel. Were asking instead they put their best foot forward for wild animals and wear a stylish shoe instead of snapping a selfie.

World Animal Protection is asking:

  • TripAdvisor and other travel companies to end their sales and promotion of cruel wildlife entertainment attractions
  • Travellers to stay away from any wildlife tourist entertainment venues that allows direct human-animal interaction, such as hugging and selfies with tigers.

Beyond Skin launches bespoke Tiger & Tigress shoes

The Tiger flat slip-ons are now in stock, and the Tigress stilettos are available to pre-order for a September delivery with free standard worldwide delivery and express delivery options also available. Orders are dispatched on the same day if ordered before 2pm.

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