Best-Selling Salted Egg Yolk snacks from Singapore launches in Hong Kong

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Best-Selling Salted Egg Yolk snacks from Singapore launches in Hong Kong.  The wildly popular salted egg yolk snack from Singapore will be made available at ten selected Cafe Deco Group restaurants across Hong Kong. Including Cafe Deco Pizzeria (Sheung Wan) and Dim Sum Bar (Harbour City), from 14 August 2017.

With well-documented queues for this brand in Singapore since its launch there two years ago. As well as its product emerging among the very top in taste, bite and all-round addictiveness. The Golden Duck Gourmet Salted Egg Yolk Potato Crisps® and The Golden Duck Gourmet Salted Egg Yolk Fish Skin Crisps® hopes to be the go-to snack for foodies in this newfound city priced at HKD50 each.

The Golden Duck Journey & A Five-Star Recipe

From brand to production, every aspect of The Golden Duck is carefully curated. So that it dovetails perfectly into the social lives of the people that love it. The coming together of savoury and sweet with just a hint of spice is oft-described as umami heaven.

Best-Selling Salted Egg Yolk snacks from Singapore launches in Hong Kong

The salted egg flavour took off in Singapore in a big way a little less than two years ago. The Golden Duck has since established itself as the salted egg snack of choice for Singaporeans and visitors. The brand regularly sells-out online and in stores (convenience and supermarkets) with tourists known to lug home the product in bulk.

The Golden Duck has combined the love of the salted egg yolk tradition with the craftsmanship of snack. To create a wonderfully enjoyable snack that must pass muster with its artisanal chef. Who has done enough refinement in a five-star hotel. The proprietary recipe features only the finest blend of ingredients. Featuring herbs, secret spices and brought together in perfection with high-quality salted eggs. The result is the burst of flavour, freshness and sheer joy in every bite.

“The brand is fast approaching its million-bag mark and we have seen extremely favourable reviews by Hong Kong people who seem to connect with the salted egg flavour very readily,” says Mr. Jonathan Shen, founder and business development director of SEYC Singapore who manufactures The Golden Duck, “we hope that with this new first step into Hong Kong, the brand would grow greater wings and we hope to develop more delightful Asian-inspired snacks to continue our brand journey with this vibrant city of Asia.”

Best-Selling Salted Egg Yolk snacks from Singapore launches in Hong Kong

The Cafe Deco Group is the sole exclusive distributor appointed for Hong Kong and Macau. This follows their successful pitch to SEYC Singapore to obtain the rights for the market.

“We were very impressed by the quality of The Golden Duck’s salted egg snacks. And believe that this is a product that will do well in Hong Kong,” says Mr. Thomas Mak, Director of Business Development & Procurement, “we are the first to offer the snacks as a dine-in option[1] where you can enjoy the snacks with drinks. This is in addition to the ability of customers to purchase the snacks to enjoy in the comfort of their offices and homes.”

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