Bellatorra announces new product launch Cellular Repair Night Cream

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Bellatorra is a targeted 48-hour time-release cream that provides intense repair and hydration benefits. It effectively delivers encapsulated ingredients of retinol, glycolic acid and sodium hyaluronate to the deepest layers of the skin. With a Trio-Spheres encapsulated system, your skin is not overloaded in one go with active ingredients. Here the active ingredients can act on the skin using an advance system over a period of 48 hours.

Having used medical grade retinol before and experiencing the uncomfortable irritation that this can cause on the skin, Bellatorra is a welcome active cream into your skin regiment.

Bellatorra announces new product launch Cellular Repair Night Cream

The instructions are clear, and should be followed. Just use  a thin layer of Bellatorra Cellular Repair Night Cream. It is a rich luxurious cream and you do not need to go overboard. The absorption into the skin is fast only if you use a thin layer. The second night I did not do this and it was too much cream on my skin.

I found in the mornings my skin felt moist, not dry or greasy. I would say that when I applied the cream I did experience a slight tingle, definitely not the hard hitting medical retinol I used before. The slight tingle sensation allows me to know that active ingredients are in the product. Furthermore, my skin was not red at all after applying Bellatorra Cellular Repair Night Cream.

After using Bellatorra Cellular Repair Night Cream for seven nights there was a difference in the tone of my skin. More firm and clear, and as I continue to use it into my second week the improvements continue. Volume started to show across the cheeks, as well as my jawline. With continued use, the slow release of the retinol and super vitamin C,  will enhance skin improvement and offer protection from the environment.

As with every skin care product we all enjoy to hold and experience good packaging. This night cream is lovely and elegant. The jar is quite heavy with a solid top. The full size cream would probably last you well over seven months.

It’s the first time I have used any product from the Bellatorra collection. This was a wonderful experience and introduction to a well-designed treatment range. A result driven cream, with a diverse and excellent selection of active ingredients.

Here is the list of actives you can expect your skin to benefit from:

Super Vitamin C – Protects skin from DNA damage, boosts collagen and brightens.

Crocus Chrysanthus – Boosts cell energy and repairs cells faster and more effectively.

Tetrapeptide-3 – Triggers collagen production and other youth proteins.

Tripeptide -1 – Boosts skin renewal process and increases facial volume.

Bio-engineered SOD – Powerful antioxidant protects skin from environmental damage.

Dipeptide – Fights against skin sagging and improves resistance to gravity.

Edelweiss – Lifts face, neck and cheeks, tightens sagging skin. Smoothes out crow’s feet.

Vibrio Aliginolyticus – Maintains an optimal skin barrier function and restores natural hydration.

Torra48 – fortyeight hour

Bellatorra announces new product launch Cellular Repair Night Cream

Nathan Halsey, Founder and CEO of Dallas based Bellatorra Skin Care LLC, is pleased to announce the launch of Cellular Repair Night Cream – A targeted fortyeight hour time-release cream that  provides intense repair and hydration benefits. Available December 2016 at Barneys flagship locations, including New York City, Beverly Hills, Chicago, and San Francisco as well as FortyFive Ten in Dallas and Houston, Texas.

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