Belinda Chorley – Celebrity Corsetiere – Part 2

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Belinda Chorley – Celebrity Corsetiere – Part 2, whilst some believe Fashion Week to be the pinnacle of a designer’s world, others recognise Vogue as equally design-centric, a singular signal of ones arrival; the undeniable voice of the industry, holding a mirror to the world of fashion. The Scarlett Dress (pictured below) is not the only Beyond Burlesque gown from the Hitched Couture Bridal Wear collection to be published in Vogue Italia.

Hitched Couture Scarlett Dress photographed for Vogue Italia by Bernard Yeoh

The collection houses eleven distinctly different gowns, each custom made predominantly from silk – a fabric so utterly synonymous with the brands aesthetic, the designer describes its usage as ‘unavoidable in quality garments’. Resplendent, high octane pieces such as the Helena dress, rest alongside their elegant and more classically inspired counterparts; reworked to provide an intriguing, aptly balanced contrast to dramatic, somewhat alternative or perhaps avant-garde creations. Undoubtedly a joy to work with, Chorley’s designs have often been the focal point of art photography; hybridising modern glamour with a digital depiction of fine art to create a photographic masterpiece.

Hitched Couture Leather Princess photographed by Rik Young

‘I have done dresses in different colours, but I’ve realised actually to make a wedding dress it has to be in white or ivory at the end of the day, so what I go for is an alternative cut,’ a rather modest comment for a designer who not only opts for an ‘alternative cut’ but reenvisions well established concepts and styles, all the while remaining on trend. ‘…brides have to be fairly safe to a certain degree and then what I try and do is think about what hasn’t been done within bridal wear,’ remarks Chorley as a response to my comment about the pleated organza fishtail attached to her Sequined Princess dress. With a peplum top (a beloved favourite this season – seen throughout many collections at Spring Bridal week, notably Marchesa and Alvina Valenta) and oriental lily sleeves, the Sequined Princess showcases a refreshingly new, mod-twist on the traditional mermaid dress.

Sequinned princess

Chorley truly is the Aston Martin of couture bridalwear; her designs an electric blend of power, soul and beauty. Recognising her own individuality and the uniqueness of her designs she closes the topic by stating that ‘…these big companies out there who say they’re different, they’re not… I am actually different, but without …being weird.’

Belinda Chorley, Celebrity Corsetiere (Part 2) Article and Interview by Gabriella Enriocco @covermeinhoney

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