Beautiful eyebrows from brow lifts to hair transplants

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Your eyes and cheekbones may get all the compliments, but eyebrows are the real star of the show. Your brows reveal a lot about you, from your age to your attitude to your sense of style. That’s why the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) reports in its annual member survey that brow lifts are an increasingly popular surgery.

We’ve been eyebrow obsessed for thousands of years, and trendy brow styles have been changing ever since. Picture the strong, dark brows of ancient Egyptians or the skinny high-arched brows of the 30s or Brooke Shield’s bold brows that made women the world over go crazy. Brow shapes and positions change from year-to-year. Just look at Beyonce, who’s eyebrows transform as much as she does, from thin and tapered to high-arched, and then fuller and bolder—but still perfect.

Dr. Edward Farrior - Beautiful eyebrows from brow lifts to hair transplants

Dr. Edward Farrior – Beautiful eyebrows from brow lifts to hair transplants

For the ideal brow, both female and male patients are coming to facial plastic surgeons for a solution. Often eyebrows are the first area to show signs of aging, after sun, wind, and gravity pull the area down. Many surgeons will perform a forehead lift to raise the eyebrows, while others provide eyebrow hair transplants. It’s an instant way to make you appear fresher and younger.

Beautiful eyebrows from brow lifts to hair transplants

In fact, according to AAFPRS data, in 2014 brow lifts were among the most popular procedures performed on adults 55+. And younger patients are seeking out brow lifts, too. Facial plastic surgeons report that about one-third of the procedures they perform on adults 35 to 55 are brow lifts.

Plus, it’s an instant way to makeover your attitude. You could be happy and joyous but your drooping brows suggest you’re tired, angry or sad. Heavy brows can also make you feel tired, while post-lift, patients report feeling refreshed and energized. “For patients who want younger looking brows, there are new techniques that surgeons use for better outcomes, faster recovery, and more effective,” says Stephen S. Park, MD, president of the AAFPRS. “We now use endoscopic surgery, which can fix everything from mildly sagging eyebrows for a lift and smooth the entire forehead area,” he says.

Endoscopic surgery features small incisions placed just behind the hairline and a use of a scope. This results in less risk of numbness and scarring, and the patient can resume their normal lifestyle faster.

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