Bath & Body Works® Brings Wellness to the Forefront

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Bath & Body Works®, one of the world’s leading specialty retailers and home to America’s Favorite Fragrances®, introduces its all new, all good for you expanded Aromatherapy Collection with six exclusive blends of natural essential oils.

“Every product in our Aromatherapy Collection is centered on combining the perfect pairing of two essential oils. Each with a unique purpose, to transform your mind and enhance your well-being,” said Soyoung Kang, senior vice president, brand development at Bath & Body Works. “For this launch, we are giving customers an expanded offering of mood-boosting benefits, from Stress Relief to Sleep to Comfort.  Each ‘benefit’ is available in a bigger-than-ever assortment of Aromatherapy products, to cover all of our customers’ needs and complement their healthier lifestyle.”

Bath & Body Works® Brings Wellness to the Forefront

Tailored to benefit the mind and body, the new Aromatherapy Collection addresses six wellness benefits.  Stress Relief, Sleep, Happiness, Comfort, Focus and Energy. The vast collection consists of more than 120 products. Across the six essential oil blends. In key returning forms like Body Cream and Pillow Mist and new-to-the-collection forms including Essential Oil Therapy Rollerball, 24-Hour Moisture Body Butter and Shower Steamers (coming soon). In addition to personal care products, the new Aromatherapy Collection consists of more home fragrance offerings than ever before. With the addition of Hand Soaps, Candles, Wallflowers® plug-in fragrance diffusers and more!

About the Blends:
Stress Relief is Bath & Body Works’ best-selling Aromatherapy blend. Eucalyptus Essential Oil clears the mind and Spearmint Essential Oil uplifts the spirit to soothe anxious thoughts and relax the body and mind.

Sleep combines Lavender Essential Oil for a sense of tranquility and Cedarwood Essential Oil to help calm the mind. For a night of restful and peaceful sleep.

Happiness creates a sense of well-being for a happier, more optimistic outlook. With a combination of Mandarin and Bergamot Essential Oils.

Comfort combines Vanilla Absolute to encourage calm relaxation and Patchouli Essential Oil to help instill a sense of harmony. By eliminating anxious thoughts.

Focus blends Eucalyptus Essential Oil, with Tea Extract. To promote focus, tune out chaos and calm an overactive mind.

Energy combines Orange Essential Oil to uplift the spirit and Ginger Essential Oil to energize the senses. For a bright burst of fatigue-fighting energy anytime, anywhere.

Bath & Body Works’ brand-new Aromatherapy Collection is available at its stores nationwide and on with all products under $25.

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