Australia says Lust Have It with Nicci Herrera

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Nicci Herrea is just such an energized business women who I was lucky to run into at the Sydney International Spa Expo. Herrea she is one of those women who can tell you about an interesting introduction to her business which now has 8,000 plus members.
Members of Lust Have It know that this is a path way to experience products from different brands, let’s make this clear we are taking quality beauty brands just go to the web site to see the incredible line up that exceeds the best beauty counter from around the world.

Lust Have It

The catalyst for starting Lust Have It happened when friend of Herrea just kept seeking her advice on what would be good for their skin, and then she saw the success of the Birchbox model in the U.S. This was the right model to fill this type of gap here in Australia, although she had 15+ years of beauty experience, it was pure busines determination kicking in that put Lust Have It at the top of their game.

Australia says Lust Have It with Nicci Herrera

Nicci Herrea

Sitting at that time in her home in Tasmania it all seemed pretty simple, select 5-6 great beauty products and send them to the homes and offices of women who want to learn more about beauty for $14.95. Now for my favorite piece in the story, what Herrera didn’t count on, was that 5 weeks after Lust Have It launched the business closing 500 members, then up popped 5 competitors. Suddenly the market was crazy, consumers, brands and the press were all confused and bombarded by 6 different players.

This led to a very tough start to the first year so the focus was on customer service treating every new member like they were becoming special friends was the driving business goal. Month by month the company strengthen creating a community for brands no matter how much market penetration they had. One of the most amazing things about Lust have it was that each month after receiving their box of samples members wrote blogs, made videos and posted hundreds of thousands of comments on the products they received.

Australia says Lust Have It with Nicci Herrera

Then in April 2012 a turning point for Lust Have It was that is acquired the Australian and International assets of one of their competitors Glossybox. Herrea took on their members and staff, she packed up her family and moved LHI’s operations to Sydney and literally overnight became the clear leader in Australia.
Continuing to build is in every business plan, but where in the plan does it show how and at what time the competition will rear its ugly head, and where is the section on how to solve this issue? For Lust Have It, all the business acumen is inside Nicci Herrea’s head it was always there, this was something the competition underestimated.
This is no pushover Tasmanian housewife, this is one of the determined Australian beauty women we want in the beauty industry we Lust Have it.

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