Asia Fur Fashion Day cutting-edge Hong Kong 2014

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Fur garment design in Hong Kong has been sparkling on the international stage, and this pride is being continued with the achievement of cutting-edge young local designers. In particular, four “post-90s” young designers represented Hong Kong in the first Asia Remix. Mok Oi Chi Iris, one of the designers, remarkably won the Silver Prize and the Best Creative Design Award. Another “post-90s” designer,Lam Woon Hei Sarah, Gold Prize winner in the 2011REMIX in Milan, was invited to display her latest series of bridal themed fur fashion in the Asia Young Designer Fur Design Showcase. The marvellous creativity of the two young designers indeed brings glory toHong Kong.

Asia Fur Fashion Day cutting-edge Hong Kong 2014

Asia Fur Fashion Day cutting-edge Hong Kong 2014

The above fashion event “2014 Asia Fur Fashion Day”, organized by the International Fur Federation (IFF), co-sponsored by CHINA TUSHU and Young Entrepreneur Fur Committee, was held inBeijing on September 24. This large-scale Asian fashion event displayed various fur fashion designs from Asian countries and region, including Mainland China,Hong Kong, South Korea and Japan. It is a new platform for the promotion of fur design and exploration of cutting-edge designs inAsia.

The event is highlighted by its activity name of “4-3-2-1”. Ms. Kelly Yan Xu, Director, IFF Asia elaborated its meaning and activity: “4” stands for 4 countries/ region attending the event, Mainland China,Hong Kong, Japan and Korea; “3” stands for a trilogy that the event represents, includes 2014 Asia Remix, Asia Young Design Competition (Bridal Theme) and Asia Boutique Showcase; “2” represents love of two, shows young generation’s understanding and expectation of love in the new era; “1” represents the one stage. The entire event will be displayed in three chapters. It is a major yearly event of IFF. Mr.Mark Oaten, IFF CEO and Ms. Deng Xiaolan, Honorary Chairman, IFF Asia expressed in their speeches that the Federation has been influencing and nurturing the young generation in the fur industry and inspiring their creativity.

“2014 ASIA REMIX”, organised by IFF, is an international event committed to nurturing and exploring young design talents. As the major programme of the event, IFF hopes to provide a new stage to young Asian designers to show their talents. 10 contest finalists are strictly evaluated and selected by 13 international preliminary judges from 20 pieces of award-winning works from Mainland China,Hong Kong, Japan and South Korea, 3 of which are designs from Mainland China. There were four shortlisted pieces fromHong Kong created by Chan Shuk Yee, Shek Choi Yi, Yau Suet Yi, and Mok Oi Chi Iris. Inspired by totem, the design by Mok Oi Chi Iris stepped out from traditional fur designs by using mink hair in black and white contrast, which finally led to her success in the contest.

Apart from the promising competitors, 2014 Asia Remix had a strong and influential Jury, including Ms. Deng Xiaolan, Honorary Chairman of IFF Asia, Professor Lv Yue of the Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA), Mr. Tang Tat Chi,Hong Kong local fashion designer, Mr. Hyukjoo Kim, Chairman of South Korea Fur Federation, Mr. Nakamura, Chairman of Japan Fur Federation, Mr. Manakas, Chairman of Malaysia Fur Federation, Ms. Samantha, Italian fashion designer, Ms.Yang Ying, Armani senior designer, and Ms. Qian Dandan, producer of Fashion Circles.

Held in conjunction was the Asia Young Designers Showcase (Bridal Theme), which invited 5 cutting-edge young designers fromAsia, including Zhao Weiwei (Mainland China), Yuan Guoxiang (Mainland China), Lam Woonhei Sarah (Hong Kong),Yuya Ito (Japan) and Yeeun Lee (South Korea). They showcased the fur’s versatility with bridal theme. With different culture backgrounds of “Mainland China,Hong Kong, Japan and South Korea“, they presented a beautiful fur bridal wear showcase in unique and creative ways.

Asia Fur Fashion Day cutting-edge Hong Kong 2014

Themed “Day and Night of Hong Kong“, the production by Hong Kong designer Lam Woon Hei Sarah consists of three garment pieces in her series. It incorporates the stunning scenery of Hong Kong, which exhibits the day-time and night-time beauty of the Pearl of the Orient. The night gown with Hong Kong night view as the theme uses openwork chiffon with blue-white embroidery for the upper part to liven the magnificent skyline of Hong Kong, and deep blue mink skin for the lower part to create the mystic colour gradient while reflecting the multi-layered night scene. The crystal-purple fur bridal gown has silvery white and pastel-coloured embroidery around the openwork collar to resemble Victoria Harbour in sunrise. The bridal wear uses specially patterned goat skin for the upper part and alternating shorn mink for the lower part to create well-defined layers. Another piece is the three-quarter-sleeved coat with Bank of China Tower as the design concept. It is created using white fox hair to form geometric patterns and shorn technique at the cuff to produce distinctive 3-D texture for a natural and elegant look.

In the future, “Asia Fur Fashion Day” will be organised alternately in the four Asian countries and region, in which Mainland China was the first stop. The event aims at inspiring young designers’ creativity and becoming an exchange platform for professional fur designers and fur design lovers in displaying the versatility of fur.

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