Aromatherapy Associates says, “How are you feeling today?”

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Aromatherapy Associates says, “How are you feeling today?” Essential oils are undiluted products that have been extracted from flowers, herbs, leaves, grasses, roots, woods, barks, spices, fruits or gum. If you are new to the aromatherapy experience there can be a great deal of confusion between an ‘aromatherapy and an essential oil,’ this because high street shops often sell ‘aromatherapy oils’ that do not inform clearly on the label precisely what is in the bottle.

Therefore, it is assumed to be an essential oil, when of course it is not. Very misleading, and very expensive. Aromatherapy Associates founders, Geraldine Howard and Sue Beechey were trained by the earliest practitioners in the science of essential oils. With over 30 years of experience, staying true to their roots they produced a product line of the finest hand-blended, therapeutic grade essential oil-based products.

So, knowing that your journey can begin. All these products were used by two executive travelers, who work between Europe, Asia and Australia. High priority issues were jet lag, needing to focus and lacking energy due to long haul travel.

Body Oils Renewing and Nourishing

Relax Body Oil

The Relax Massage Oil has a prominent chamomile fragrance which helps the mind to relax. Simply put an amount of the oil into your palms and as part of your ritual before massaging the oil onto your torso, cup your hands, bring them to your face and inhale deeply 3 times

I use it mainly for décolleté massage. It absorbs into the skin so there’s no greasy feeling afterwards and it fills the room with a calming aroma. This is something that I’d do if the day has been hectic and if I couldn’t make it to a spa.

You can use it sparingly as a little goes a long way. It massages and absorbs in well and is deeply moisturizing. With a gorgeous fragrance it is totally relaxing, benefits of chamomile, vetiver and ylang ylang.

Creams, Gels Renewing and Nourishing

Destress Muscle Gel

The gel has a nice cooling and soothing effect wherever you apply it. Also, pleasantly surprised to find, that it helped to alleviate some of the severity of restless leg syndrome. A definite bonus that people who suffer restless legs/limb syndrome would understand.

Destress Muscle Gel

Destress Muscle Gel

Revive Body Gel

Revive body gel, is sophisticated and refreshing, with an invigorating scent with a luscious, creme consistency. Take an extra few moments in the shower to massage into damp skin. It promises to even out skin tone and texture “maintain healthy micro circulations”. The gel feels silky on the skin. No additional moisturizer or lotion after my shower. This is a spa moment to pep up those cooler days.

Renewing Rose Body Cream

A body lotion that has a lovely, long lasting fragrance, the addition of Sandalwood to the Rose makes this lotion absorb nicely into the skin. This is one little luxury that you could treat yourself to. If you decide to use is as a hand cream, you will find the whole room is filled with the aroma. Sit back close your eyes and be transported to a spa.

Renewing Rose Body Cream

Renewing Rose Body Cream

Body Wash Refreshing and Stimulating

Relax Body Wash

As this suggests “Relax” I  solely using this at night for a while until my day shower gel ran out. Works well for then too without sending me into a sleep induced haze but instead relaxes and sets me up for the day while leaving my skin soft and squeaky clean. The scent is of a light lavender and if you are not a fan of the scent then this might not be for you

The brilliant aspect from Aromatherapy Associates is that they contain no SLS or SLES which are ingredients many wellness enthusiasts  actively avoid. The body wash contains Lavender, Petitgrain for mentality, Ho Wood for harmonizing, Sea Silk for conditioning and Aloe Vera for protecting and soothing.

Essential Bath & Shower Oils

De-stress Mind, Light Relax and Revive Evening

A trio of precious natural oil blends. Try using this trio to clear your head and release everyday tension. A combination of natural seaweed extracts and refreshing essential oils including soothing wild chamomile, spicy frankincense, sensuous rosemary and soft aloe vera.

Aromatherapy Associates says, “How are you feeling today?”

De-stress Mind, Light Relax and Revive Evening

De-stress Mind, Light Relax and Revive Evening

The trio contains 7.5ml bottles of Light Relax, De-stress Mind and Revive Evening Natural oils – pure nature with nothing added. Personally the size is just perfect for travel, and when you are going from different time zones, trying to adjust quickly, sleeping well, feeling on top of your job or even  just trying to relax to get into the vacation mood, here in three bottles is your answer. My favorite product collection to date.

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