Anti-aging cosmetic power

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Anti-aging cosmetic power from products from exotic destinations, even beyond the equator. It seems that the secret to eternal youth are hidden in the rainforest.

Anti-aging cosmetic power

Anti-aging power

Right now the mangosteen,  from South-East Asia but that is spread in the whole southern hemisphere, is among the most avant-garde ingredients.  It’s quite rich, especially in a  peel, with nourishing substances and xanthones, which are antioxidants that slow down inflammatory processes.

The other very precious fruit: the açai, extracted from a palm tree that grows wild in northern Brazil and is similar to black grapes with a slight chocolate aftertaste. In South America it has always been considered a magical fruit, because for centuries it saved the natives from starvation. It has a very high anti-aging action, which exceeds by far the pomegranate or blueberry, until now considered among the most effective,  research has shown that the power of the açai is due to the presence of polyphenols, capable of protecting the walls of the veins from the attack of free radicals. Each berry contains a percentage of polyphenols that is much higher, for example, to that of the red wine, as well as vitamin A, C and E, calcium, potassium and phosphorus.”

There are other beauty “pearls” that grow along the Amazon River: from cupuaçu, a brown fruit with a white heart from which we extract the super moisturizing pitanga butter, rich in minerals, vitamin C and astringent properties, to the urucum and buriti.

These are precisely the substances that make up the beauty line by Yamamay:  the company has always been closely linked to the Amazon (in 2008 it joined an initiative that had as its objective to harvest jute, cultivated in this area, without cutting down the forest), a couple of years ago when the brand entered the world of the cosmetic industry, it decided to use local resources and consult one of the most popular research institutes in Brazil.

Kiehl’s also focuses on anti-aging properties of the açai berries, obtained from certified organic farms. Among the cult products of the American brand there are the Açaì Damage-Repairing Serum, to which several celebrities are addicted, such as Uma Thurman and Julianne Moore.

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