Angelina Jolie’s beautiful look in White World War Z Dress

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Angelina Jolie’s beautiful in White World War Z Dress, made jaws drop as she stepped out onto the red carpet in a white peplum dress at the Berlin premiere of fiancé Brad Pitt’s new film World War Z.

Angelina Jolie’s beautiful look in White World War Z Dress

When the peplum began its comeback late last year, most of those watching assumed they were watching a catwalk trend that would stay on the catwalk. A peplum won’t make you look thin and few men don’t find it sexy. It can be viewed as a bit costumey, and liable to get crushed as you move around. Every high-street retailer put one into production during this season to ensure their visibility in the trend pages, but few would have backed the peplum as a commercial hit.


Tamara Ralph and Michael Russo (founders of the London-based brand Ralph & Russo) worked closely with Angelina Jolie to create her dress, for which the actress had a very specific request. “She didn’t want to go for a full-length gown,” explains Ralph. “We wanted something very striking that wasn’t too overdressed, but wasn’t too understated. We wanted something modern, simple and elegant.”

The designers also acknowledged that despite the actress’s recent double mastectomy, it was business as usual in the design room. Peplums are fun and creative, they are most certainly not a look that only a thin fashionista can wear, when you think about it Beyoncé looks brilliant in a peplum, and so does Liv Tyler. The whole point of a peplum is that it celebrates a waist-to-hip curve,  so wear that curve well!

As for Angelina Jolie after she her return in a string of black outfits, the bright white midi with gold hardware at the waist seemed like an unexpected choice for the actress, but the designers still like to quote this as “classic Jolie.”

The classic Dior peplum, of 1947, was at its most elegant when worn with a pencil skirt in this length. Follow this natural break in the line of your legs for your skirt hem, rather than adding another horizontal line, a court shoe will make this all complete.

Angelina Jolie’s beautiful look in White World War Z Dress


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