Advanced Skincare Dior extraordinary regenerating power

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The extraordinary regenerating power of hypodermal stem cells, which ensure the skin’s density and support, Dior goes one step further by specifically targeting the ageing of dry skin. These cells, which are the deepest cells in the skin, are the starting point for the biological lines defined by Dior. As they cross the skin from its deepest layer to the surface, we can call them “biological seams.” These chains are composed of millions of cells that structure and ensure the overall youthfulness of the face. Over time, they become damaged and break apart. Little by little, the skin loses its support and its contours appear less defined.

Advanced Skincare Dior extraordinary regenerating power

Advanced Skincare Dior extraordinary regenerating power

Advanced Skincare  Dry Skin

Sensations of tightness, irritations, lack of suppleness and elasticity, loss of radiance. Dryskin sends out many distress signals.Its major problem: a lipid deficiency, which damages its skin barrier.Weakened and less and less resistant, the skin barrier has more and more difficulty retaining water and controlling the exchanges between the skin and its environment (notably the absorption of active ingredients that it must have to function properly).

Advanced Skincare Dior extraordinary regenerating power

Advanced Skincare Dior extraordinary regenerating power

Advanced Skincare  Dry Skin More Rapid Ageing

Damage to the skin barrier leaves the skin more permeable to external stress factors. These stress factors lead to slower cell regeneration and, therefore, accelerated ageing of dry skin. Based on an unprecedented clonogenicity test (which makes it possible to evaluate the regeneration capacity of a cellular population), Dior Science has effectively demonstrated that cell renewal derived from stem cells is significantly more damaged over time in the case of dry skin compared to normal skin.

1 / Restore the skin barrier.

Capture Totale Haute Nutrition provides the skin with lipids vital to the quality and integrity of its skin barrier to make it impermeable to stress factors and ensure the proper functioning of intercellular exchanges.

2/ Optimise the performance of stem cell action. 
Dior innovation: the Longoza-Cellular™ Complex and the new Capture Totale skincare products target the activity of stem cells, which are more damaged in dry skin than in normal skin, for infinitely deeper age-defying effectiveness.

3/ Comfort and protect the skin.
Dior innovation: at the heart of the Crème Haute Nutrition, the exclusive floral Cold Cream is an extraordinary concentration of active ingredients sourced from the Dior Gardens (Jisten and Mallow extracts) and a precious plant oil that ensures an unprecedented “anti-dryness” action.


This perfect duo is capable of delivering exceptional age-defying, nutritive and protective power from the deepest layers of the skin to its surface. Composed of the Huile Sérum Haute Nutrition and the Crème Haute Nutrition, which complement each other perfectly for ultimate sensoriality.


The richest Capture Totale skincare product to deeply repair and restore lipids in the driest skin, while pampering it with softness.The Capture Totale Huile Sérum Haute Nutrition is a unique concentrate of three precious plant oils carefully selected by Dior Science for their effectiveness and synergic action. Endowed with regenerating, nutritive, soothing and skin-protecting qualities, they instantly infuse the skin with the full array of their benefits.

Advanced Skincare Dior extraordinary regenerating power

Advanced Skincare Dior extraordinary regenerating power

The effectiveness of a serum, enhanced with the sensorial pleasure of an oil, in just a few drops.Based on the know-how of Dior Master Formulators, the Capture Totale Huile Sérum Haute Nutrition benefits from a “thermo-insulating” texture. The result of a remarkably precise sensorial balance, it is rich without being oily, nourishing without being occlusive. It envelops dry skin in a perfectly matt protective lipidic film to shield it from external stress factors and protect it from the cold, while leaving its surface smooth and silky.

Advanced Skincare  Dry Skin Creme Haute Nutruition

All of the Advance Skincare in Capture Totale’s age-defying expertise at the heart of a nourishing creme specially developed to correct signs of ageing specific to dry skin.The Crème Haute Nutrition is the 1st Dior skincare product capable of “reweaving,” nourishing and coating the “biological seams” to comfort the skin. It is the ultimate remedy for dry skin against signs of skin ageing accentuated by cold weather.

Advanced Skincare Dior extraordinary regenerating power

Advanced Skincare Dior extraordinary regenerating power

Dior Master Formulators’ innovation: a texture in perfect harmony with dry skin Each of the formulation ingredients of the Capture Totale Crème Haute Nutrition was chosen for its perfect skin compatibility, thereby ensuring optimal affinity with dry skin.Firm and deliciously vanishing, the Capture Totale Crème Haute Nutrition glides smoothly over the skin and gently pampers it with intense nutritive substance. In perfect harmony with dry skin, it dresses it in a comfortable, velvety and protective veil.

Advanced Skincare  Dry Skin Capture Totale Haute Nutrition Range

  • The Lotion 2 Concentrée Haute Nutrition, to prepare the skin to receive Haute Nutrition beauty care.
  • The Huile Sérum Haute Nutrition, the 1st key step to repair and restore the lipids of the skin by offering it a real infusion of precious oils.
  • The Crème Haute Nutrition, the 2nd key step to enwrap the skin in a regenerating, nutritive and insulating texture.
  • The Crème Mains Réparatrice Haute Nutrition, like real nutritive gloves for soft and silky hands.

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