Acca Kappa Celebrates Its 150th Anniversary and Proves That Beauty Is Indeed Timeless

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They say true beauty is timeless. And in the case of Acca Kappa, that couldn’t be truer. This year, the premiere Italian beauty and lifestyle brand celebrates its 150th anniversary and its rich history of providing consumers with body, face, hair care products and signature brushes, as well as fragrances that quite literally don’t go out of style.

Yet, as captivating as their merchandise and its natural sourcing is, the truly fascinating story it’s that of the Krull family who has led the company since 1869.

In Italian, the letter, “H” is pronounced Acca and the letter “K” as Kappa – the initials of the company’s founder, Herman Krull – who started out making custom horse brushes in an old factory in the heart of Treviso, Italy. The business fast grew to include brushes for fine rugs, clothes, shoes and hair and Krull quickly established his business reputation for the finest quality goods that were purchased by renowned horse breeders, a duke, and many other influential people.

Acca Kappa Celebrates Its 150th Anniversary and Proves That Beauty Is Indeed Timeless

Acca Kappa’s Treviso Factory Built By Herman Krull

As the business continued to grow to more than 500 employees, Krull built a new factory which to this day still houses Acca Kappa’s brush factory and offices. The business as well as the family had significant ups and downs during World Wars I and II, followed by a post-war resurgence, and is today thriving in a competitive global marketplace, led by Herman Krull’s great granddaughter, Elisa Gera.

“The company is integral to the family’s identity because of the role it has played over the past 150 years in providing an outlet for creativity and craftsmanship, strengthening their bonds, reinforcing their indomitable spirit, and ability to thrive in the face of hardship,” said Ms. Landeros.

“Our employees are equally a part of that family fabric. Many of them have spent a lifetime at the company and many more are the sons and daughters of retired employees. That multi-generational legacy of craftsmanship and absolute passion for simplicity and authentic beauty translates to every tiny detail of every item we produce,” she added.

Acca Kappa Celebrates Its 150th Anniversary and Proves That Beauty Is Indeed Timeless

Today, all Acca Kappa products are still exclusively manufactured in Italy and available in over 20 countries, including the most iconic cities in the world such as Milan, Paris, Berlin, New York and Tokyo.

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