A Design Icon: The illy X1 anniversary edition a legacy of innovation

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A Design Icon: The illy X1 anniversary edition a legacy of innovation. The X1 illy espresso machine, created more than twenty years ago. Blazed a path for in-home espresso preparation. Today, that continues with the introduction of new X1 Anniversary edition. Which embodies the ethos of illy innovation and aesthetics even incorporating a styling cue from the illetta, the invention of founder Francesco Illy patented in 1935. Recognized as the first espresso machine to introduce automatic water dosing and high pressure.

The new X1 Anniversary edition is an evolution in form and functionality. From the original Luca Trazzi design that has been sold since 1996.  It is steeped in heritage yet has undergone meticulous revisions. Including a profile accentuated by new curved lines and a new cup-rest that adjusts to varying heights.

A Design Icon: The illy X1 anniversary edition a legacy of innovation

Front and center of the coffee machine sits a round black thermometer gauge with white lettering. A focal point invoking the company’s rich history of beauty and science. Incorporating a vintage illy logo inspired by the original illetta pressure gauge.

Built for the illy Iperespresso capsule system. The X1 Anniversary edition includes major functional updates. Mainly the ability to brew a cup of drip coffee in addition to espresso. Other features include a steam wand for frothing milk, an automatic flow stop, a memory function for cup volume, and an automatic descaling program.

The X1 Anniversary Edition for the Iperespresso system is available starting August 21st online at www.illy.com and at illy caffè coffee bars and shops.  It will available in three finishes: Stainless Steel ($699), Matte Black ($599), and Red ($599).

illy Iperespresso is a technological innovation protected by five patents entirely conceived and developed for home espresso brewing at the illycaffè Research & Innovation labs in Trieste, Italy.  Unlike the traditional preparation process in which the espresso is brewed all at once through percolation, in the Iperespresso capsule, the coffee is extracted in two phases: first infusion, then emulsion. This two-stage process ensures the optimal extraction of the coffee’s aromas, making it possible to brew espresso that has a smooth and full-bodied aroma with a rich, velvety, and long-lasting crema.  With Iperespresso, the coffee never comes into contact with any part of the machine.

illy Iperespresso and coffee capsules are available at www.illy.com starting at $19 (21ct tin of espresso) or $16.50 (18 ct cube for drip capsules)

A Design Icon: The illy X1 anniversary edition a legacy of innovation

Both the Iperespresso and brewed coffee capsules are recyclable through illy’s RENEW program and can be accessed in three ways:
1) Through the illy a casa subscription program. As a program benefit, members are invited to participate and provided with complimentary RENEW collection bags and pre-paid shipping labels.
2) By dropping used Iperspresso capsules in RENEW designated bins at participating retailers
3) By purchasing a Recycle Kit through illy Customer Care 1-877-469-4559

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